Friday, November 30, 2012

Wild West Detective 

Wild West Detective has run for one year now. While writing the serial has been a lot of work, it has been even more fun. Most rewarding was the feedback I received from readers. Some of you told me that WWD has given you a new love for the western genre. Now, there is news to warm the heart of an old buckaroo. Thank you all very much.
But, this cowpoke is an old fashioned type who loves to read and write novels. So, I’m closing the corral gate on the blog and returning to my first love. For the immediate future, one year’s worth of western short stories will remain available on this site. Those of you who missed some of the stories the first time can have a second shot. May these yarns bring you the pleasure of a cold sarsaparilla after a hard day of apprehending owlhoots. 
 Rance Dehner still has more adventures ahead. I am now working on a novel about the Wild West Detective. Meanwhile, you can click above to learn of the James Clay novels that are immediately available.
Thanks for riding with me this past year, pardners. I hope we will be riding new trails together soon.
James Clay