Monday, January 23, 2012

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The Darkness 1. 

Episode Three of The Darkness

Episode Two concluded with:

Bart McRae sprung up from his chair and stood over Jesse. “I wasn’t paid anything up front. I was promised five thousand dollars and a good job with the stage coach line if I’d plead guilty and go to jail for you.”
The sneer returned to Jesse’s face. “Uncle Adrian always knew how to strike a good deal. He rescued the family name by promising you great riches in the future. It was a lot cheaper than buying off a jury.”
“I want what’s coming to me, Jesse!”
“There are a few problems there, Bart.” Jesse opened the right hand drawer of his desk part way. The handle of a gun was clearly visible. “There is no stage coach line for you to work for.”

Episode Three

     “I’ll settle for the money."
     “The money was promised to you by Uncle Adrian, who isn’t around anymore.” The sneer remained on Jesse’s face as his eyes darted toward the gun. “You see, he blew off his head one night in his room on the third floor. I had the place swamped out, but a little portion of dear Uncle Adrian may still be up there. Of course, that won’t do you much good.”
“You’re lying! Adrian Monahan is still alive!”
Jesse laughed contemptuously and returned to his cards. Bart opened his valise, pulled out a letter and tossed it in front of the professional gambler.
“I worked more than five years with your uncle. I know his writing!”
The sneer vanished from Jesse’s face. “This…is my uncle’s handwriting…” Bart couldn’t be sure but he thought Jesse’s hands were shaking as he picked up the letter and read it.
The letter was dated three weeks before.

Dear Bart:
      I don’t know if I will ever find forgiveness in the next world for the terrible thing I have done to you. I only hope you will forgive me.
      You will be released from prison at noon. If you go to the nearest train station you will find a ticket waiting there. The train will bring you to Jameson. Come to my home immediately.  I will do everything I can to make good on my promises.
      I am praying for you. Please pray for me.
                        Adrian Monahan

      This time there could be no doubt, Jesse Monahan’s entire body trembled as he dropped the letter on the desk, then stood up and began to pace about the room. “This changes everything….”
      The gambler walked over to his desk and stared at the cards, as if trying to discern his future. “Things have not gone well for the Monahans. Any of us. There are some things you need to see. I have an extra horse. We’ll ride out tomorrow; it’s too dark now. You can spend the night here.”
      Bart liked this subdued Jesse Monahan a lot more than he did the caustic man who had greeted him at the door. McRae spoke in a soft, whimsical voice.
“Thanks for putting me up. Guess you’ve got plenty of empty rooms.”
      “Not really,” a sad expression crossed Monahan’s face. “I sleep right here. The second floor had to be closed. It needs repair work that I can’t afford. Just take the stairway up to the third floor. You can sleep in Uncle Adrian’s old room.”

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