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Episode Six of Full Moon

Episode Five Concluded with:

Rance and Del had bought the supplies and ridden out of town when Horace Riley began to reflect on the events of earlier that day. A very well dressed gent had come in and rented a buckboard from him. Later on, a boy around Del’s age, also well dressed, had rented a horse. The boy looked familiar. Horace thought he had seen the kid in town, but not recently.
            The liveryman wished he had told the detective and Del about all this; it could be important. “That’s the trouble with gettin’ old,” Horace said to a strawberry roan, “you’re always thinkin’ of stuff too late.”

Episode Six:


            Bradford Maltin tied his buckboard to a scraggly tree and approached the shack. As he did so, the businessman almost subconsciously felt for the wallet in his coat and the shoulder pistol the wallet brushed against as he walked. Maybe the pistol wouldn’t be needed. He would give Leona a chance, but only one chance.
            The door opened seconds before he knocked and Leona stood in the doorway. This time, she held the barrel of the Winchester in her right hand with the handle propped on the floor. The girl had intended to say something tough or threatening, but Bradford’s distinguished appearance surprised her. She said nothing.
            “You must be Leona,” Bradford smiled graciously.
            “I’m Bradford Maltin, Will’s father. May I come in?”
            She paused before saying, “Okay.”
            Maltin walked directly to the bed where the baby lay. “This must be Samuel.”
            Leona caught the note of wonderment in Bradford’s voice and relaxed a bit. “Yes.”
            Maltin looked apologetically at the young woman. “I’m sorry my son didn’t write you back.”
            “That’s okay.”
            “No, it isn’t.” Bradford looked once again at the sleeping baby, then back at Leona. He pulled the wallet from his jacket, took out several bills and handed them to the girl.
            Leona seemed mesmerized as she counted the money. “Three hunnert dollars! I ain’t never seen this much money before!”
            “Where did you live before you had the baby?” Bradford asked.
            “I had a room at the restaurant where I worked. After I started to show they made me leave.”
            “Have any family anywhere?”
            Leona shook her head.
            “We’ll go into town. You’ve got enough money now to--”
            Hoofbeats could be heard approaching the shack. Bradford stepped quickly to the small window, then let out a curse.
            “What’s wrong?”
            “That worthless son of mine is coming. I told him to stay at the hotel. He can’t do anything right!”
            Leona felt a sudden surge of terror and confusion. She had resigned herself to never again seeing the man who had fathered her child, the man who had given her dreams of a fairy tale life in a beautiful distant city. Now that man was coming back into her life. The young woman’s fairy tale illusions had long ago been shattered. She knew this meant trouble. Serious trouble.
            The hoofbeats stopped and Will Maltin came almost running into the shack. He was greeted by an angry shout from his father.
            “What are you doing here? I told you to--”
            “I’m sick of you telling me what to do!”
            Samuel began to cry. Leona spoke as she picked the baby up. “Please, both of you,--stop it.”
            Will pointed at his father. “This man is a monster, Leona. He wants to take Samuel and he’ll kill you to do it.”
            “Shut up!” Bradford Maltin ordered.
            Will Maltin smashed a fist into his father’s face. The move was awkward, but the elder Maltin wasn’t expecting it. Bradford stumbled backwards. He quickly regained his footing and faked a punch to his son’s head. Will bent down, eyes on his father’s fist. Bradford tripped his son. As Will went down, Bradford jumped onto him, grabbed his hair and pounded his head three times against the floor.
            Bradford rose slowly as Samuel’s loud cries mixed with Will’s moans. He weaved toward Leona. “You’re coming with me. Bring Samuel.”
            Leona took a step backwards, pressing the baby tightly against her chest. “No.”
            Bradford pulled his pistol from its shoulder holster. “My son was right. I’ll kill you if need be.”

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