Friday, February 17, 2012

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Episode Nine of Last Job

Episode Eight concluded with:

“Sherriff Hunter!”
The lawman was yanked from his thoughts. Looking up from the bench, he saw Thorton Weaver standing beside him. “Mr. Conklin will see you now, Sheriff.”
The sheriff wanted to say something snarky but settled for, “Thanks.” As he stood up and walked toward the office, Rush tried to convince himself that he had done nothing wrong. After all, George Conklin had identified Lon Westlake as the man who robbed the bank. Westlake had been found guilty by a jury of his peers.
“My hands are clean,” Hunter whispered to himself before entering the office.

Episode Nine

As the lawman stepped inside, Conklin motioned for him to close the door. The banker then took a long look at the stogie in his hand as if it were more important than the man standing in front of his desk.
“A little problem has come up,” Conklin said.
“I need you to kill a man.”
George Conklin continued to speak in a soft monotone as if explaining the  details of a loan. “His name is Stacey Hooper. A professional gambler. He knows me from Denver, knows that I lost a lot of money playing poker there.”
In an act of anger, Conklin inhaled deeply from his cigar and blew smoke in the lawman’s direction, as if firing a weapon at him. The banker then leaned forward, his voice a growl, “Why do you think I faked that robbery?”
Hunter didn’t reply. This was the first time George Conklin had admitted to executing the hold up.
The banker continued, “I stole from the bank to pay my debts. The fake hold up covered that. The mining company accepts that Lon Westlake stole the money and hid it somewhere, hoping to get it when he’s released. The mining company needs a bank in Hard Stone. They helped me keep this operation on its feet. If those people find out what I did, I’d be ruined.”
“How can you be sure this Hooper fella will blab to them?”
“I can’t. Hooper just got into town a few hours ago. We ran into each other in the restaurant. He said, ‘We must get together to discuss old times.’ Sounded like a threat to me. Blackmail.”
“Maybe not.”
“I can’t take chances. I want that gambler dead. Tonight.”
“Mr. Conklin, I don’t think--”
“This isn’t Sunday school, Hunter. This is the real world, where you are one of the highest paid sheriffs in Colorado because the mining outfit pays your salary, not a bunch of townspeople. There are plenty of ways a sheriff can get rich in Hard Stone before the mines go dry. You’ve sat on the fence as long as you can. Now, are you going to follow orders?”

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