Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Episode Eleven of Last Job

Episode Ten concluded with:

“Guess not.” Emery decided to change the subject. “You know, just ‘cause Lon has been found guilty doesn’t mean we have to give up. I’ve been thinking, maybe--”
“Don’t you have a round to do?” The words were as much a reprimand as they were a question.
“Sure.” Feeling hurt and a bit ridiculous, Emery retrieved a rifle from the rack and quickly exited the office.
Rush Hunter experienced a pang of regret for how he had treated Emery, but he fought it down. The world was a hard place and the sooner the kid found that out the better.
The sheriff sighed deeply and looked around him. His deputy had a point. It still wasn’t too late, he could…
“No” he said aloud. “The world is a hard place. A very hard place.”

Episode Eleven

            Rance Dehner checked his horse at Hard Stone’s livery, checked himself at the town’s one hotel and then headed for the Lucky Miner Saloon. He ambled inside, ready for the art of conversation. The detective only had to buy a few drinks and listen to the bawdy jokes of a talkative bartender before he had all the information he needed about the bank hold up and the man found guilty of the crime.
            Dehner leaned against the bar and was about to order another beer, this one to be enjoyed without any professional obligations, when he heard voices being raised at a nearby table.
            “You’re cheatin’, mister. You’re nothin’ but a dirty cheat!”
            “Sir, a man’s good name is his most precious possession. I must demand an immediate apology!”
            “You low down snake, I’ll never apologize to you!”
            Dehner moved his head about to see where the trouble was coming from. He laughed and turned to the barkeep. “I’d know that voice anywhere,--a friend of mine.”
            “The guy who sounds like a limey?”
            “Yeah. His name’s Stacy Hooper.”
            “You ain’t too particular about your friends. That guy is a sharper; I spotted that the moment he walked in.”
            “How about the other two?”
            “Woody Farnsworth, the guy accusing Fancy Dan of being a cheat, has a real temper but he rarely draws a gun. The man sitting across from him is Slade Pierson, a gunslick. Or he wants to be.”
            All the patrons of the Lucky Miner were now watching the drama being played out at the poker table. Most were keeping a safe distance, but Dehner took a few steps closer to the table. He had to brace Stacey Hooper. The detective mused to himself that his profession did lead to odd friendships.

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