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Episode Seventeen of Last Job

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

             Rance shrugged his shoulders. “Thanks, I guess. First thing, let’s share our plan with Rush Hunter. We may need the sheriff’s help down the line.”
            “Are you sure this fellow can be trusted?”
            “Penelope Castle does, and she knows this town well. I’ll accept her judgment. On my way here, I saw the deputy doing a round, so Hunter is probably in his office now--”
            “Give me a moment, Rance.”
            “What for?”
            Hooper lifted the whiskey flask from the bureau. “I need to finish breakfast.”

Episode Seventeen

            The sheriff stood in the office of George Conklin and tried to keep his temper in check. The banker displayed no gratitude for the valuable information Rush Hunter had just brought him. He still spoke to Hunter as if he were an incompetent underling.
            “So, a detective is in cahoots with the gambler to bring me down.” Conklin waved his right hand about scattering small embers from his cigar. “Tonight, I want you to be at the Lucky Miner, thirty minutes or so after the card game begins. I will accuse Hooper of cheating. You smoke him the minute I speak. The official story will be that Stacey Hooper went for his gun.” 
            “What about Hooper’s friend, the detective?”
            “Bring your deputy, Slade Pierson, with you. He can shoot down the detective. We’ll say this Dehner guy was going for his gun to help Stacey Hooper.”
            The sheriff was confused by the reference to Slade Pierson. “Mr. Conklin, Pierson is a worthless owlhoot, my deputy is--”
            “I hired Pierson last night as a deputy. His gun will come in handy.”
            “The town only allows me one full time deputy--”
            “Get rid of Emery Brown. He could create some real trouble.”
            “But Emery has done a great job, what can I tell him?”
            Conklin once again waved his right hand, this time flinging the embers at Rush Hunter. “I don’t care what you tell him! Now, get out of here!”
            As Hunter shot out of the office and closed the door behind him, he saw Thorton Weaver quickly turn his head and begin to shuffle papers on his desk. The two tellers on duty took similar actions. They hadn’t heard what was being said in the office, but they heard the boss yelling. They knew Rush Hunter had been cut down good.
            Hunter could hear laughter as he exited the bank. He thought about turning around and glaring at the three men but realized it would do no good. The men didn’t fear him. Rush Hunter was the sheriff, but George Conklin was the real law in Hard Stone.

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