Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Episode Two of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode One concluded with:

             “Don’t worry, Lamar,” David spoke as he entered the small enclosure and grabbed the bell’s rope. “We’ll find Vicky, soon. There are a lot of good people in this town who will join the search.”
            Lamar looked uncertain. “Yeah, and there are some very bad men in this town.”
            David understood the point. Vicky Burke was fifteen. She had recently transitioned from a gawky kid to a beautiful young lady. But Vicky had problems that no one could completely understand. The more polite citizens of Cooper called Vicky “slow.” Others referred to her as “loco”, “touched in the head”, and there were even some who claimed she was possessed by a demon.
            Everyone knew that Vicky Burke liked people and was far too trusting. And, yes, Lamar was right. There were some very bad men in the town.
            Reverend Martin pulled hard on the rope. 

Episode Two

            Judy Martin stepped out of Mary Peterson’s dress shop and looked about anxiously. She spotted her husband and Lamar Burke coming toward her on the boardwalk. She could tell from the expressions on their faces that they had not found Vicki or even a clue to her whereabouts since she had split off from them less than a half hour before. Judy spoke as soon as the two men were in hearing range.
            “Vicky was in the dress shop about ten minutes ago. Mary tried to keep her there but couldn’t, the girl--”
            Raucous laughter blared next door from the Golden Nugget saloon. “So, you can conjure up magic spells!” A man’s voice shouted above the clamor. “Let’s see you put the whammy on me!”
            Martin and Burke hurried into the Golden Nugget. Vicki stood away from the bar, in the center of a collection of round tables used for drinking and playing poker. But there was no imbibing or gambling going on at the moment. All attention was focused on the blond haired girl with confused eyes and trembling hands   
“Don’t you make fun of me, Kyle Ryan!” Vicky’s voice was a scream. “I’ll get you for it, I mean it!”
            Kyle Ryan was an overweight, bald headed barfly, his only virtue being that he accepted enough work to pay for his own drinks. He leaned against the bar and shouted, “Why, I think the little girlie is gonna put a hex on me!”
            Laughter exploded again in the saloon. David Martin took several steps toward Vicki while shooting the saloon patrons an angry glare.
            “Just hold on, preacher!” Mockery laced Ryan’s voice. “You need to give the girlie a chance to prove she ain’t no liar.” Kyle took a step toward Vicki. “Go ahead, put the whammy on me.”
            Two other men who had been searching for Vicki entered the saloon but said nothing. Outside the Golden Nugget, Judy Martin peered over the bat wing doors at the drama going on inside. Her face reflected tension and concern. 
            David Martin was as transfixed as everyone else in the saloon. The expression on Vicki’s face became intense and glowering. The young woman didn’t close her eyes and yet she seemed to be going into some kind of trance.
            Kyle Ryan laughed again but this time his laughter conveyed nervousness and anxiety. Vicki slowly raised her right hand. The hand became a claw which pointed directly at Ryan. Vicki let out a loud hiss, sounding like a cat that had spotted an adversary.
            Ryan screeched in pain, grabbed his right thigh, and collapsed. Sounds of shock and fear exploded around the saloon. People hastily stepped away from Vicki Burke, fearful that she might cast some nightmarish spell on them.

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