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Episode Sixteen of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Fifteen concluded with:

 Lamar was walking beside Zack Gilpin. He had no idea where they were walking to. He was terrified, but decided on trying to strike a cordial tone,--two men of the world discussing business. “Sorry things didn’t work out, Zack. I’ll certainly be happy to pay for the press.”
            “Nice of you to offer, Mr. Burke. But that won’t be necessary.” They stopped as another one of Zack Gilpin’s henchmen approached them. He was a red headed man Lamar remembered as being called Gruber. Gruber was toting a gun that looked like a Henry that Lamar owned.
            “What you need is a nice long rest,” Gilpin chuckled as he spoke.
            Not until Gilpin and Haggart stepped away from him did Lamar understand. He tried to run but was stopped by an explosion. It was the last thing he would ever hear.

Episode Sixteen


When Zack returned to the building, both women remained silent as they finished stuffing the last of the flour bags. They both knew what the shot had been about. Judy Martin saw a look of grimness and terror on Vicki’s face which had never been there before. Could Vicki ever leave her world of fantasy now that she had a glimpse of how horrible the real world can be?
            “That wagon should get here right aways,” Lucky said to his boss, as he continued to hold a gun on the women.
            “Broder can’t move the wagon too fast,” Zack replied. “Remember, he’s got real sacks of flour on the flatbed of that thing.”
            “Yeah.” Lucky once again eyed the women. “What ‘bout them?”
            “Don’t worry,” Zack’s eyes now rolled over the two ladies. “After the wagon is loaded and gone, we’ll take them over to the house and have our fun.”
            “Then what?”
            “Then we kill them, along with the old lady and burn this place down. We’ll use Lamar’s rifle for the killing part. The law may think Lamar went nuts and did it all hisself. Maybe not. Won’t make much difference. We ain’t never comin’ back here again.”
            “But we’ll have us lots of good memories.”
            “You were always great at finding the silver lining in a cloud, Lucky.”
            A voice sounded from outside. “The wagon’s comin’!”
            “Want me to get out and help you guys, Zack?”
            “Not yet. With Broder there will be four of us. We can unload the wagon. You stay here and tie these two up. When we’re done unloading, you can help us reload and put the money on the bottom.”
            Lucky smiled at his two companions as he kept a six shooter pointed at them. “You girlies will hav’ta give me a moment to find the rope. I’ve tied up lots of jaspers in my life, but I think this time it’s gonna be a lot more fun.”

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