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Episode Three of Hellfire

Episode Two concluded with:

Gail took a few fast steps that placed her between the two men. The young woman put a hand on Hosea’s chest. “Please Hosea, leave now. Lars Olsen will kill you and enjoy doing it!”
Hosea gently moved Gail away. “David defeated Goliath with a sling shot. Reckon I can whup this owlhoot with my bare hands.”
“Is that right, preacher man? Well, I’m gonna count to ten and then I’m gonna beat you up, real good. Yeah, maybe I’ll do like the girlie says and kill you. So, that Lord of yours better get busy and strike me down now!”

Episode Three

Olsen began to count. Hosea felt trapped. He knew the Lord wasn’t going to strike Lars Olsen down. The Divine just didn’t work that way. But all that would take some complicated explaining and Olsen wasn’t much for complicated explanations.
Hosea Rimstead realized, too late, that his challenge to Lars Olsen had been an attempt to impress Gail with his manliness. In other words, pride…
“Ten!” Rimstead ducked but it didn’t work. A fist slammed into Hosea Rimstead’s face. He heard Gail’s screams as he plunged to the floor.
“Please Mr. Olsen, don’t hurt him bad!”
“Okay, Honey. But you just remember. When Lars Olsen does someone a favor, he expects a favor in return. Understand!?” 
 “Yes.” Even with the sharp knife of pain slashing across his head, Hosea could see the look of resignation that made the young woman’s face appear haggard as she responded to Lars Olsen.
Olsen bent down and grabbed Hosea by the collar of his black frock coat. He dragged him out of the room and shouted from the second floor, “The preacher man is all tuckered out after spendin’ time with one of our girlies. I gotta help him downstairs.”
The entire saloon exploded in laughter as Lars Olsen dragged Hosea down the stairway. When they arrived at the bottom, Lars picked Hosea up while still holding him by the collar. “He was prayin’ for a miracle all the way down. Kept askin’ the Almighty for a body made of rubber!”
More laughter followed as Olsen walked a stumbling Hosea to the bat wing doors and tossed him out. “That girlie wants nothing to do with you! Stay away or I’ll kill you!”

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