Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Episode Eleven of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Ten concluded with:

The girl tended to the horse, then with the lantern in hand, she quietly went back to her patient. Ricky Cates was sleeping but the light woke him up. As his eyes opened, he smiled at the pretty face which hovered over him.
“I’m sorry I woke you.”
“I’m not.”
The girl’s body trembled; in her nervousness she forgot about the first name arrangement with her hero. “Mr. Cates, there’s somethin’ I gotta say to you.”

Episode Eleven

“Go ahead.”
Cissy placed the lantern down and kneeled beside the outlaw. “Mr. Cates, you’ve done so much for poor people and you’ve paid a price for it. I mean, you’re sort of like a martyr, like Stephen in the Bible.”
The killer had no idea who Stephen was but he still replied, “Right kind of you to say that.”
“It’s true. That’s why, Mr. Cates, you must not give us any of that two hunnert dollars you took from the bank. Like I sorta told you before, my pa, he’s a drunkard. The money you almost died for, my pa would spend on liquor. You give that money to folks that deserve it, Mr. Cates!”
“Tell you what, Cissy, I’ll give sixty dollars to you! You sure deserve it for fixin’ me up.
“No, I don’t want--”
“When Ricky Cates decides to help someone, well, there’s just no stoppin’ him. I’m givin’ you that sixty dollars, Cissy, and only askin’ one more favor from you.”
“I want you to take part of that money and buy yourself a nice dress. A real pretty girl like you should have a pretty dress.”
“I couldn’t…” The girl stopped speaking and looked away. When she looked back, Ricky Cates once again had his eyes closed. Cissy picked up the lantern and walked back to the right side of the barn where she would make herself a bed of hay.
The girl suddenly stopped. For a few minutes, she stood still in the barn. A cacophony of sounds came from outside as night critters made their customary noises, but Cissy Runyan heard none of them.
She turned back and returned to the outlaw. This time, his eyes didn’t open when she stood over him. He appeared to be in a deep sleep. Cissy placed the lantern nearby and crouched over Ricky Cates. She gently kissed him on the forehead.
“You’re the first boy I ever kissed, Mr. Cates.”
She picked up the lantern and this time went directly to the other side of the barn and her bed of hay.

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