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Episode Twelve of Hellfire

Episode Eleven concluded with:

             The threesome became quiet as they drew near Hellfire. Waves of heat zig-zagged crazily in front of them like ghosts guarding a portal to the netherworld. Two of Beau’s henchmen, both holding rifles, stepped off the boardwalk that fronted a small saloon. One of them set down a bottle that they had been sharing. They stared at the strange horsemen that approached.
            “It’s that crazy preacherman, Lou.”
            “Yeah, and he’s got that gambler fella with him, don’t know who the other jasper is.” Both gunmen were tall, with large foreheads and deep set eyes. Not surprising. Lou and Sherm Proctor were brothers who spent half of their lives stealing and the other half in Hellfire.
            Sherm carefully eyed the horsemen. “The third jasper is the man who outdrew Lars Olsen last night. Watch him real careful. I’ll stand on their right side, you take the left.”
            Lou nodded as he raised his rifle and yelled, “Stop right there!”

Episode Twelve

“Howdy gents!” Hosea sounded upbeat and confident. “I got me two prisoners that Mr. Rawlins will wanna see.”
            Sherm didn’t raise his rifle, but there was suspicion in his voice. “Whadda you talkin’ ‘bout, preacher man?”
            Hosea pointed his rifle at the two riders in front of him. “I useta think these two were fine Christian gentlemen. Then last night I caught ‘em stealin’ from the cash box at the Quick Dollar. Guess I’ve been hangin’ out in bad company. I owe Mr. Rawlins an apology.”
            Sherm’s suspicion diminished but it was still there. “Nobody told me ‘bout money bein’ taken from the Quick Dollar.”
            Hosea shrugged his shoulders. “Well, that’s what happened. Got the loot in my saddle bags. Come see.”
            Both brothers lowered their rifles and stepped toward Hosea’s saddle. Rance jumped Sherm while Stacey pounced on Lou. Both outlaws were knocked unconscious. Their bodies were dragged behind the saloon where they were bound and gagged. 
            Hosea looked down at the two outlaws, both regaining consciousness but too weak to try to break out of the ropes. “Let this be a lesson to both you gents. Lust for filthy lucre always leads to a downfall.”
            “We’ll have to end the sermon there.” Dehner looked about and listened carefully. “We’ll move down the back way to the Quick Dollar.”
            As they made their way down the row of wooden structures, Dehner tried to recall the exact set up of the town. There were ten buildings. Four of them were saloons. There was a gun shop which doubled as a general store and two Hotels which housed most of the town’s population. One house stood at the end of the street: the private residence of Beau Rawlins. There was a livery, and Hellfire boasted one restaurant, which obviously did not do much of a lunch trade.
            They stopped at the back door of the Quick Dollar. Rance tried the door, which was locked. The detective pointed to a nearby window. “Breaking the glass will probably make less noise than busting down the door.”
            Rance pulled his Colt as he moved over to the target. “The latch is broken!” he said as he opened the window and holstered his gun.
            “Hallelujah!” Hosea declared in a loud whisper. “That’s an answer to prayer!”
            Stacey’s face crunched. “When did you pray for a broken latch?”
            “Well…what I meant was…” 
            “Never mind that!” Dehner anxiously whispered. He was looking out at his companions after having crawled through the window. “Get inside!”

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