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Episode Eight of The Songbird of the West

Episode Seven concluded with:

             “Good luck,” Dehner said as the sheriff quietly got up and made his way down to the ranch.
            The lawman moved stealthily and quietly. He seemed to be swallowed by the darkness of the night. Dehner watched Streeter through his field glasses, but not for long.
“Lost him,” Rance whispered as he put the glasses down. “But I think he is almost at the back of the house.”
More time passed; the detective didn’t even try to guess at how much. The tense circumstances made an accurate assessment impossible.
Two shots sounded from the direction of the house. “The sheriff’s in trouble!” Curt yelled.  He sprang to his feet and began to run down the knoll before Dehner could stop him. Weldon’s brashness may have put both the sheriff and Carrie Whiting in even worse danger.

Episode Eight

As he moved cautiously down the slope, the detective thought he saw two shadows emerge from the barn. His uncertainty was quickly shattered. One of the outlaws who had been tending the horses fired at the deputy. Weldon stumbled and fell. Dehner squeezed off a shot at the flash of red which had cut the night.
A man’s cry of pain joined the sound of gunfire as another red explosion launched from the bottom of the knoll. Dehner hit the ground, returned fire and missed. Instinctively, his target snapped two shots at the detective. The shots telegraphed his location. Rance’s third shot took the outlaw down.
Dehner heard approaching footsteps, but this time the deputy was being more cautious. “You all right?” Weldon’s whisper was laced with anxiety. He had made a major blunder and knew it.
This was not a time for lectures. “I’m fine. You?”
“Okay. The shot surprised me and I fell, sorry--”
“Never mind.” Dehner spoke as he reloaded .“We have to check on those two outlaws. Make sure they are really out of action.”
The two men proceeded quietly down the knoll, guns in hand. They found two bodies lying on the ground. One was dead, the other seriously wounded. Dehner removed the bandanna from the wounded man and used it to gag him. The bandanna from the dead outlaw was used to tie the wounded man’s hands behind his back.
“That should hold him. He’s very weak.” Dehner whispered as he tossed the outlaws’ guns up the knoll. “Now, we have to get to the sheriff.”
An exchange of shots came from within the house as the two men circled around to the back. The back of the house had one window. As Streeter had indicated, the window was large. The curtains were open and the glass shattered. Dehner peered inside while Curt Weldon checked the other side of the house.

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