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Episode Twelve of The Songbird of the West

Episode Eleven concluded with:

As the singer took her bows, Dehner began to chuckle at his own pretentions. Why fool himself with pompous thoughts? He was as dazzled by Carrie Whiting as everyone else,--especially the males in the audience.
Felix Murphy rushed back onto the stage. “Before we finish, folks, there is a special favor that Miss Whiting has agreed to do for our town.”
A quizzical look suddenly came across the singer’s face. She was not prepared for what was going to happen next.

Episode Twelve

Felix continued, “As you all know, we are going to rename our town. For the last few weeks, I have urged all of our citizens to write suggestions for the new name and give them to me. Well, many of you made the same suggestion and now I would like for our lovely guest, Miss Carrie Whiting, to read the new name of our fine town.” He handed Carrie a piece of paper.
            There was reluctance in Carrie’s smile but she read aloud from the paper. “Beginning tonight at midnight, the name of this town will be Patten, Texas.”
            Bruce Patten jumped onto the stage and immediately placed an arm around Carrie Whiting. The applause he received was subdued. “I am very grateful for the honor that you all have bestowed upon me and I will do my best to be worthy of that honor.”
            Felix Murphy worked his hands as he again addressed the crowd. “Before we all go to dinner, let’s hear a round of applause for Bruce Patten, the man who brought Carrie Whiting to our town!”
            Carrie’s named ginned up the applause. While the clapping continued, Bruce Patten kept his arm around the singer, escorting her off the stage and through a back doorway. Dehner moved toward that doorway and saw that it led to a small corridor with a room at the end, presumably an office. Patton seemed to swish Carrie Whiting into that room.
            People were beginning to leave the Silver Crown and head for one of the town’s two restaurants. Inside the saloon, men were milling about as the bartender and swamper began to put down the tables and get ready for business. They moved quickly. A lot of customers left over from the show were ready to part with their money. This would be a busy night.
            Dehner eased into the corridor, partially closing the door to conceal himself. He moved close to the office door, which was shut. Carrie Whiting had not been kidnapped again but Dehner still felt that she was in danger.


            “I can’t believe the cheap trick you just played on me…” Carrie broke loose from Patten’s arm the moment they entered his large office.
            “My, my, when did you suddenly get such high standards?”
            “Are you going to throw that in my face? I was twelve, Bruce!”

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