Friday, June 8, 2012

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Episode Seventeen of The Songbird of the West

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

              “We are both trapped by our jobs. A singing career makes for a very lonely, isolated existence. But I wouldn’t want to change. There are such special rewards in what I do. I suspect that being a detective is much the same way.”
            Dehner experienced a tornado of emotions, all of which he kept in check. But his will power was eroding. His voice wavered a bit, “Good night, Miss Whiting.”
            “Good night, Mr. Dehner.”
            The detective tried not to look behind him as he scooted next door to his room. He stepped inside, his mind full of vivid pictures of his evening with the Songbird of the West.
            He didn’t see the weapon coming at his head.

Episode Seventeen

     But Dehner did hear a thump as the giant leaning on the wall beside the door came at him from behind. The detective hit the floor, did a quick roll and buoyed back onto his feet. That trick saved him from a concussion, but it also made him lose his Colt .45 which dropped from its holster onto the floor. 
            A huge dark shape moved uncertainly toward Dehner. The intruder stood slightly under seven feet and appeared wider than the doorway. Rance speculated that the man must have entered sideways.
            The giant’s breathing was heavy and he seemed confused. He had intended to whack Rance as he entered the room. Now circumstances forced Goliath into a plan B.
            The detective didn’t want to give his adversary time to focus on B. He feigned a move to his left as if he were going for his Colt. The giant also went after the gun and Dehner delivered a hard kick to the man’s knee. The mountainous shadow bellowed and went down on both knees which caused him to bellow again. Dehner grabbed the club from the giant’s hand and slammed it against the top of his head. The giant’s entire body flattened onto the floor. 
            Dehner picked up his gun and pointed it at the moaning figure. “On your feet, Goliath!”
            The big man rose slowly, complaining in a child-like voice about his injuries. “Ya didn’t hav’ta hit so hard.”
            As the detective, gun in hand, prodded Goliath down the stairs, he mused that the big man had probably fought very little. His size would be enough to back off most adversaries. So maybe he could be forgiven for his low tolerance of pain.
            But Dehner kept all sympathy out of his voice when he got the intruder out of the hotel and onto the boardwalk. “You tell Bruce Patten to leave Miss Whiting alone and to leave me alone. There will be no more warnings. Understand?”
            “Get going!”
            Goliath limped off. Dehner watched him for a few minutes and was not surprised that the giant was heading for the Silver Crown. Dehner headed back to the second floor of the hotel.
            As he walked down the hallway, Carrie stepped out of her room. “What happened?”
            “Patten sent a man to beat me up. He wanted revenge for what I did to him earlier this evening. I think you may have a point about the fatal flaw. Bruce Patten isn’t fit for the West.”
            “I’m very glad that you are fit for the West, Mr. Dehner.” Carrie slowly retreated back into her room.
            Dehner found himself back in his hotel room listening to Carrie Whiting, who was singing as she got ready for bed. The young woman was singing a love song and for a few moments Rance Dehner wondered if the song wasn’t for him.
            The detective laughed at himself. A beautiful woman can give a man some crazy notions.
            Rance Dehner didn’t sleep much that night, but when sleep did come, it brought some very interesting dreams.

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