Friday, July 13, 2012

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Episode Four of One Arm Lightning

Episode Three concluded with:

The gunfighter cut him off. “I’m glad you’re the law in these parts now. You see, when I was here about a year ago, I started a job. But Sheriff Hodge didn’t cotton much to what I was doin’. Said he was gonna stop me. I couldn’t kill Allen Hodge, the only decent man in town. But I could kill you, Rob. Hey, what’s a gunfight between two old school chums, huh?”

Episode Four:

Wes Torveen laughed as he began to saunter toward the saloon’s doors. He suddenly stopped and looked at the owner of the general store, who was leaning against the bar. “Got a favor to ask, Blake.”
Blake gripped the bar as if for support. “Go right ahead.”
“That pretty gingham dress in your front window. The one with the checkered pattern. Save it for me. Tomorrow’s my sister’s birthday. I think that would make a fine present.”
“Of course, Rebecca would look lovely in that dress.”
“Yeah, that baby sister of mine has grown up into a beautiful lady. She turns twenty tomorrow. I’ll be by at mid-morning, Blake, and not just to buy the dress. I may clean you out. Gonna make Rebecca’s twentieth birthday somethin’ real special.”
Blake Oliver wanted to encourage Torveen’s sudden switch in mood. “Lookin’ forward to seein’ you tomorrow.”
The gunfighter laughed scornfully. “I bet you are!” He looked around the saloon. “Tomorrow is for pleasure. The day after, I’ll be getting’ back to business.”
Torveen’s gaze rested upon the bartender. He pointed to the corpse, which was still oozing blood. “I’d get that thing outta here if I was you, Stanley. You never know when you might need the space for another body. Yeah. That floor could get right crowded pretty soon. Good-evening, gentlemen. I’m sure enjoyin’ the class reunion.”


Wes Torveen was sleeping soundly. His gun belt was slung over a bed post, only a few feet away from his left arm.
Buck Torveen closed the bedroom door. His younger brother was down for the night, as was his sister. He could keep that appointment now.
Buck was only a scant inch shorter than his brother and had a similar build. Like his brother, he had black hair, but unlike Wes, he did not sport a beard. He headed for the stable and quickly saddled a roan. He was tense as he rode toward town.

Monday: Episode Five of One Arm Lightning