Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Episode Seven of One Arm Lightning

Episode Six concluded with:

Laverty cursed from his position on the roof of the Rome saloon. Fenton Goulding was still on the roof of Oliver’s General Store clinging to his Winchester, but not firing it. He had his head low as he watched Ed Horton bleed to death in the street. Goulding looked terrified and reduced to being a bystander.
Wes Torveen was under the wagon. The gunfighter knew where two of his ambushers were located. Goulding was now useless as was Ed Horton, who was dead or dying. What had been intended as a quick ambush could now turn into a long standoff.

Episode Seven

Wiggins fired another shot from the alley. But the bartender’s courage was dwindling. He stayed too far back in the shadows and the bullet was propelled harmlessly through the air. Wiggins’ shot only further spooked the wagon’s horses, all four of which were lurching against their reins.
The sheriff fired again at One Arm Lightning, and again had to roll as the gunfighter returned fire. Laverty spotted Buck Torveen at the door of the general store. Buck fired a shot in the lawman’s direction but it was only a ruse to gain his brother’s confidence.
Buck ran to the wagon, jumped onto the bed and crouched down behind a side board. “How many of them are there, Wes?”
The gunfighter was fooled by the charade. “At least two. There’s another in the alley beside the store. Get off the wagon! You’re a sitting duck!”
Confident that he had his brother’s trust, Buck hurried to the seat of the wagon and released the brake. The jittery horses immediately lurched forward. A horrifying cry of pain cut the air as one of the back wheels of the wagon ran over Wes Torveen.
Rob Laverty watched all this from his position across the street on the saloon roof. He stared in wonderment at the crushed figure on the ground. Wes Torveen’s arm was moving up and down as if signaling for help. A shrill cry of pain came from his mouth.
Laverty took careful aim and fired twice. Torveen’s arm dropped to the ground.  His cry ceased.
The sheriff smiled as he holstered his gun. He was the lawman who had brought down One Arm Lightning.

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