Friday, July 20, 2012

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Episode Nine of One Arm Lightning

Episode Eight concluded with:

              Desperation prodded Wiggins into a reckless move. “Let me explain, Wes. All I’m askin’ for is jus’ a minute or two of your time.”
            “Why, sure,” Wes Torveen lifted his left arm in a “go ahead” gesture.
            Stanley grabbed the .44 but, in his nervousness, slammed his hand against the edge of the bar as he brought the gun up. He yelled a loud curse. Those were his final words. A bullet from Torveen’s gun cut into the bartender’s chest. Stanley Wiggins fell to the floor.

Episode Nine

The bartender writhed in pain as he listened to footsteps slowly walking around the bar and then looked up to see the man who had just shot him. Wes Torveen gave a loud mocking laugh. “Now it’s my turn to have the chuckles, Stanley. I got one more little joke to play before you die.”
            Torveen reached into a side pocket of his frock coat and brought out a piece of cloth. He crouched over Stanley Wiggins and dangled the piece of gingham in his face. “Right pretty cloth, don’t you think?”
            A gurgling sound came out of the bartender’s throat as blood oozed out the side of his mouth and began to make a trail downward to his neck.
            “This cloth was torn from the dress I was gonna give my sister on her birthday. Only she don’t want the dress no more. Not since my old buddies murdered me in front of the store where I was buyin’ it. So, here, Stan, this is for you!”
            He dropped the piece of cloth onto the bartender. Stanley Wiggins gave no response. He’d never respond to anything again.
            There was a loud pounding at the door. Sheriff Rob Laverty shouted from outside, “Stanley, you in there? What’s goin’ on?”
            One Arm Lightning stood up and looked at the door with anticipation. “Well, well, looks like the party is jus’ gettin’ started.”

Monday: Episode Ten of One Arm Lightning