Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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One Arm Lightning 1

Episode Eleven of One Arm Lightning

Episode Ten concluded with:

             Laverty moved cautiously toward the bar; even so, he collided with several chairs. The back lights covered only a small patch of the saloon.
            But when he got behind the bar he had a clear view of the corpse of Stanley Wiggins. The lawman inhaled and took a step back as if death were a disease that could be transmitted.
            He slowly stepped toward the body and crouched over it, picking up a piece of fabric that lay on the corpse. “It’s gingham, looks like it was cut from that dress Torveen bought for his sister,” the sheriff whispered.  A piece of paper was pinned to the back of the fabric and there was writing on it.
            The note made Laverty’s throat go tight.  What he heard caused his entire body to tremble.

Episode Eleven

“You’re out late tonight, Sheriff. Need to get you some rest. I hear you got some busy days in front of you.”
            Laverty slowly moved out of his crouch. He was now standing behind the bar facing the open door of the Shooting Star. A figure was standing in the doorway, in front of the batwings.
            “Who are you?” The lawman tried to sound tough but his voice wobbled.
            The man in the doorway spoke in a mocking voice. “You should recognize me , Robbie. Why, I’m all you’ve been talkin’ about lately. I hear that a reporter from the Denver Post will be arrivin’ soon to get a story about the man who brought down One Arm Lightning.”
            “Wes Torveen…” Laverty spoke in a whisper.
            “Yeah, Rob, I’m here to do you a favor.”
            “What kind of favor?”
            “Why, I’m gonna give you a chance to kill me again! Jus’ think how impressed that fella from Denver will be when he finds out you killed One Arm Lightning twice.”
            Rob Laverty tried to laugh, it came out as a sob.
            “Step out from behind that bar, Rob. Let’s find out how fast you really are.”
            Laverty pounded his fist on the bar and screamed at the man in the doorway. “You go back to Hell or wherever you demons come from! Leave me alone, Wes Torveen, leave me alone!”
            Rob Laverty began to cry uncontrollably. He rested his head on the bar and put both arms over it. He refused to look up, like a child hiding under a blanket, hoping the boogieman would disappear.
            But he could hear the voice that continued to taunt him. “I see you don’t feel up to a gunfight this evening, Robbie. Don’t worry. I’ll be coming back to see you soon.”
            Laverty continued to keep his head down for several minutes after the voice ceased. When he finally raised his head, all he could see was a vacant doorway made blurry by the tears that cluttered his eyes.

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