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Episode Thirteen of One Arm Lightning

Episode Twelve concluded with:

            Buck Torveen sighed and nodded his head. “The last time Wes was here, about a year ago, he goaded two of his former school mates into a gunfight. He killed both of them. He wanted to go after the rest but the sheriff at the time, Allen Hodge, stood in his way. Sheriff Hodge had been kind to Wes when he was a boy and my brother didn’t want to go up against him.”
            Bertram Lowrie’s face crunched up before he spoke. “So, this number three was Wes’ way of telling the men who had bullied him as a child that he had come back from the dead in order to finish his gruesome task.”

Episode Thirteen

Rance Dehner had to stifle a laugh. Lowrie’s voice remained cold and precise and yet he still managed to convey absolute contempt for the notion of a ghost.
            Rebecca shared Lowrie’s distrust of the ghost theory. “That fool, Rob Laverty, is the only person who claims to have seen Wes’ ghost. I don’t believe a word--”
            Forrest Connors interrupted his fiancée. “I’ve talked to Sheriff Laverty and I believe he thinks he is telling the truth.”
            Rebecca Torveen gave a loud, contemptuous laugh. “You really believe my brother’s ghost killed Stanley Wiggins and then fled out the door when our valiant Sheriff arrived on the scene?”
            Connors hesitated. “Well…”
            Buck gave the two detectives a whimsical smile. “Sheriff Laverty claims he saw Wes’ ghost. He says the ghost told him he would shoot Laverty in the back. He couldn’t face him in a gunfight.”
            This time, Rebecca’s voice was a shout. “And this from the so-called lawman that ambushed Wes,--with the help of my good brother, Buck!”
            A silence fell over the room borne more of exhaustion than animosity. Rance allowed everyone to get their emotions back in check before he spoke. “I realize this is very hard on both of you. That story about Pete Franklin inviting Buck and Wes over to his ranch, then chasing Wes with a gun…he was a boy, of course, but…”
            “If Buck hadn’t ridden off to get Pete’s father who knows what would have happened.” Rebecca smiled wanly at her brother. “Buck did a good job of standing up for Wes when they were boys. I’ve never given him enough credit for that.”
            “I know we’ve been talking for over an hour, but Mr. Lowrie and I need to get every shred of information we can if we are to prevent any more deaths.”
            “Indeed!” Lowrie stood up abruptly and, responding to his cue, so did everyone else. “We thank you for your co-operation. Now, we need to move on. Mr. Connors, will you be returning to your ranch soon?”
            Connors shot his fiancée a questioning look. “Well…”
            “Fine!” Lowrie replied in a jovial manner. “Mr. Dehner will accompany you. Neither of us is familiar with the lay of the land around here and you can show Mr. Dehner the scenery, so to speak.”
            “Ah, sure.”
            “Meantime, Mr. Torveen, could you draw me a map of how to get to the Franklin Ranch?”
            “Yes, but--”
            “I understand that Pete Franklin’s mother is still alive--”
            “Yes, but--”
            “I hate to impose on her grief. Of course, I know that her son, Pete, was killed by Wes in a gunfight. But an interview is necessary. If you could please draw that map.”
            Forrest Connors and Buck Torveen both appeared confused by Lowrie’s orders. But Dehner noticed the slight smile on Rebecca’s face. Rance figured Rebecca hadn’t smiled much since her brother’s death. The detective hoped that he and Bertram Lowrie could help the young woman in her grief and bring her some sense of justice being done.

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