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Episode Six of Ultimatum

Episode Five concluded with:

Marshall Carson’s voice remained friendly and calm. “Those are fine duds you’re wearing.”
“Yeah, so?”
“Must have cost some money.”
“I paid for it, proper like. Ask Swanson over at his store, he’ll tell ya I paid--”
“I’ve already talked to him. Mr. Swanson tells me he was sort of curious as to where you got the money. I’m curious too. Where’d the loot come from, Tully?”

Episode Six

“I won it at cards.”
Carson gave a loud laugh. “I knew you’d say that. Checked with some of our gambling men. You’re not a bad poker player, Tully, but you’re not a particularly good one either.”
“All it takes are a couple of lucky nights!”
The Marshall fell silent, continuing to look at Tully; finally the lawman spoke in a low voice. “What’s been going on, Tully? Why is Akando so anxious to have us turn you over to him?”
Tully Jones turned his face downward. He was a man who had reduced his life to illusions sparked by booze. But one of those illusions was greater than the rest and worth gambling with what was left of his life. Dehner saw a look of combined desperation and determination streak Tully’s face.
Tully looked directly at the Marshall. “Ain’t none o’ your business what Akando’s thinking. You gotta protect me from that savage!”
The questioning continued for a while, but it was hopeless and Bret Carson knew it. The marshall’s voice was deep and angry when he and Dehner stepped back into the office. “I used to think Tully was a harmless drunk. Harmless! He’ll allow an entire town to be ravaged and its people killed because…because… I don’t know the because!”
Dehner nodded his head in sympathy. He then stepped out of the office and did a quick survey of the town. People remained scattered about on the boardwalk, their eyes focused on the hill to the east. They appeared scared and the detective didn’t blame them. As Dehner looked at the Indians on the hill, they looked as if they hadn’t moved at all since he originally spotted them. They looked stoic and patient, waiting for the moment when they would destroy the town and everyone in it.
Dehner stepped back into the Marshall’s office wondering what he could do to prevent a massacre, or if he could do anything at all.

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