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Episode Sixteen of Ultimatum

Episode Fifteen concluded with:

“You are riding out with me, my deputy, Reverend Nate and Mr. Dehner to the Macklin place.”
            Tully’s body began to shake. “Why?”
            “Because Akando and his band of thugs will think you have agreed to tell us where the money you stole from Akando is hidden. They will follow us. When they realize we are heading for the Macklin place they will be totally convinced. It makes sense that you would bury the loot somewhere in an area you know so well.”
            Tully Jones’ voice was a high squeak. “When they find out different they’ll kill us.”

Episode Sixteen

     The marshal pressed on. “I have six good men hiding out around the Macklin place. We are leading the Indians into a trap. They will be given a chance to surrender. If they choose to fight, they will lose.”
            “What ‘bout the Macklins?”
            “They will be tied up by the time we arrive. Don’t worry, Tully, Mr. Dehner here has thought of everything.”
            Dehner stared at the barfly. “Of course, we could come up with another plan real quick if you were to tell us where you hid the money we know you stole from Akando.”
            Tully Jones looked at the floor. The wooden planks seemed to inspire in him a new sense of hope. He shook his head.
            The marshal’s voice was a growl. “Have it your way, Mr. Jones. Let’s ride.”
            As the group left the office, they all took a final glance at the hill east of town. “If consistency were a virtue, Akando would be a virtuous man,” Reverend Nate spoke wistfully. “He still has six braves standing on that hill, looking like statues.”
            “Those statues will be moving quick,” Dehner added. “The moment they see us leaving town with Tully, they’ll be on our trail.” 
            The men mounted up and a barrier was formed around the prisoner. Bret Carson led the group with Tully Jones riding behind him. Dehner and Reverend Nate positioned themselves on each side of Tully and Rip Gowdy rode directly behind him.
            As the strange group began to ride out of town, Dehner kept an eye on Tully. The barfly looked terrified. He caressed the jug that was tied to his saddle but didn’t try to uncork it.
            Rance began to feel uneasy within a half hour after the group had left Hardin. He shouted past the prisoner. “Take a look back, Nate.”
            Reverend Nate glanced backwards and smiled. “You’re plan is working, Rance. We’re being followed.”
            “We’re being followed. I’m not so sure the plan is working.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “There are eleven Indians. The dust cloud behind us is much too small for eleven braves.”
            This time, the two lawmen joined Reverend Nate in glancing backwards. “You’re right,” Bret Carson said. “And I don’t see any other dust clouds. Where do you suppose Akando’s other men are, Rance?”
            “I don’t know,” Rance Dehner said. “I don’t know.”

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