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Episode Two of Save the Girl!

Episode One concluded with:

Anna looked shocked and then, once again, she sounded close to hysteria. “Then what about my Maria? What happened to her?”
For a moment, Carrie Whiting stood silently and watched the panic which contorted Anna’s face. The singer knew the answer to Anna’s question, but couldn’t speak it out loud.
George McLeod took the flyer from his client and read the contents. His face went ashen. “I’ll get in touch with Brad Simons, our lawyer, right away. We’ll put a stop to this!”
“My Maria!” Anna cried loudly, “She go like the paper say. She not come back. Gone for three days now. The law do nothing. Can you bring back my Maria?”
“No Anna, I can’t,” Carrie replied. “But I know somebody who can. We’re going to bring your daughter back to you, Anna.” The singer pressed her lips together and then added. “I promise. We’ll bring her back.”

Episode Two


            Rance Dehner walked cautiously down Jupiter Street. This was a neighborhood in which Dallas took no pride: a place where you had to be cautious even in the mid-afternoon. The street was filled with several saloons, a few brothels, and the desperation that always oozed from establishments that are intent on grabbing coins from men who have very few.
            Dehner was there on professional business. The flyer Carrie Whiting had shown him instructed gullible girls to go to the Palace Theater on Jupiter Street for auditions that would lead to stardom. The auditions were held by a talent agency with no offices in Dallas. Maria Martino had followed instructions and had now been missing for three days. He needed to move fast.
            The Palace Theater stood as a parody of its elegant name. It was situated next to the Laughing Lady Saloon and looked like it had been built as an afterthought to compliment the booze hole. A burly, balding man stepped out of the theater carrying a sign, a hammer and a can of nails. He placed the sign against the front of the theater and dropped the other items in front of it.
            As Dehner approached he read the sign: The Most Beutiful Gals in Texas! Show Starts at Eight.
            The detective spoke in a good natured voice. “Excuse me.”
            The large man looked inquisitively at Dehner. People didn’t often say “Excuse me” in this section of town. “Whaddya want?”
            Rance pointed to the sign. “You misspelled ‘beautiful.’”
            “Get outta here.”
            “I need to see the manager of this theater. My name is Rance Dehner.”
            “I’m the manager,” he pointed a thumb at his chest. “Name’s Harry. If you’re an agent trying to sell talent, forget it. I get plenty of talent from next door.” He gestured with his head toward the Laughing Lady.
            “Do you rent out the Palace much, Harry?”
            “Why d’you wanna know?”
            “I’m a curious guy.”
            “Yeah, well my time is valuable, curious guy.”
            Dehner handed Harry a coin. “Tell me what you know about the Philip Richardson Talent Agency.”
            “Not much,” Harry pocketed the coin. “A guy who calls himself Philip Richardson rents the place two or three times a year. Always in the afternoon. Doesn’t interfere with regular business.”
            “What exactly does this guy who calls himself Philip Richardson do with the Palace Theater when he rents it out for an afternoon?”
            “He holds auditions for shows that he puts on in another town.”
            Dehner saw the leer on Harry’s face when he gave that answer. The detective’s face remained expressionless as he handed the theater manager another coin.
            “What’s this for?”
            “The truth, Harry. You just held out on me. I’ll let it pass this one time. Now tell me the truth.”

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