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Save the Girl! 1

Episode Four of Save the Girl!

Episode Three concluded with:

            “I hang around during the auditions. The girls are nice to look at. Heard Richardson talk to them ‘bout the theater. He tells ‘em that most parents have a very old fashioned idea about singers and actresses. They shouldn’t tell their families where they’re going.  Just leave a note and run off. He says when they are famous like Carrie Whiting their families will thank them.”
            “How did you find out about the saloon?”
            “He told me when he paid me to…keep quiet. Richardson is a funny guy. He doesn’t want other people talking about him much but he likes to brag on himself.”
            “What does the funny guy look like?”
            “Brown hair, medium height. Tries to talk like a limey, but the accent is phony.”
            “How many girls does he take from each audition?”
            “Five… ten at the most. They gotta be pretty, but they also hav’ta be able to sing some. Phil likes ‘em young and innocent like. Doesn’t want girls who’ve worked in a saloon.”

Episode Four

Guffaws sounded from behind. Three men were standing outside the Laughing Lady enjoying Harry’s humiliation. One of them ducked back into the booze hole, apparently to get more patrons for the free show. Worry came over Harry’s already pale-white face. The tough guy was scared of losing his reputation.
            Dehner exploited that fear. “One more topic and then our conversation is over.”
            “At the last audition, did you hear Richardson call any of the girls he hired, ‘Maria’?”
            Harry paused; he seemed to be revisiting recent memories. “Yeah. I think his special lady this time around was named Maria.”
            “Special lady?”
“Phil always selects one of the girls as his special one. He really talks it up with that phony limey accent. He will make her the star of the show, introduce her to real important people, all that stuff. If you ask me, bein’ Phil’s special lady means only one thing.”
            “Thanks.” Dehner stood up and sighed deeply. Maria’s “special lady” status was nothing to be happy about.
            The detective kept an eye on Harry while walking off, but the theater manager began to nail the sign as if nothing had just happened. The spectators who now numbered five were not fooled. They were laughing and nudging each other.
            Harry was a thug who had thought nothing of attacking Dehner with a hammer. But the detective walked away from the scene feeling low. Humiliating such a man had brought him no pleasure, only an uneasy sense that he had diminished himself.
            Dehner shook his head, trying to rid himself of those thoughts. Maria was in serious trouble. She needed a detective, not a philosopher.

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