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Episode Twenty-One of Save the Girl!

Episode Twenty concluded with:

Six weeks later, returning to the offices of the Lowrie Detective Agency in Dallas after a long, exhausting assignment, Dehner was greeted by his boss, Bertram Lowrie. “This arrived while you were gone,” he handed Rance an envelope, then stood by obviously hoping his employee would open the letter right there.
A quick glance at the envelope provided the reason why. The first line of the return address was the name Carrie Whiting. Dehner placed the envelope in the pocket of his jacket. “I’m going home to get some rest, it that’s okay. I’ll be back first thing in the morning.”
“Yes, of course.” Lowrie was obviously disappointed, but to ask Rance Dehner to open the letter and read it aloud would be a violation of propriety. Besides, Lowrie would never confess to being interested in a letter written by a popular singer.

Episode Twenty-One

The moment he arrived home, Dehner opened the letter and read:

Dear Mr. Dehner:
Thank you for bringing Maria home safely. The moment Anna Martino told me about her daughter, I knew a very special man was needed to save Maria. I never doubted you were that man.
My life has taken a new turn. The concert in New York provided an opportunity for George and me to meet with some producers. I am now scheduled to star in a musical which will open in New York in two months. The rehearsals have already started. I am very excited.
But I also battle with melancholy. I have no right to feel blue. George has turned most of the work of his agency over to others and now concentrates on my career. Lilly and Floyd are with me and, as always, they are wonderful. I live in a fine house, though it is rented. I am not prepared to give up my home in Dallas. I guess the Songbird of the West feels a bit out of place in New York City.
I pray for your safety. I know, first hand, how dangerous your work can be and the importance of that work for many people. Carrie Whiting and Maria Martino are two people you have rescued. I am sure there are many others.
Please write when you get the chance. I am always pleased to hear from a friend in Dallas. I hope this letter finds you happy and well.

Dehner would reread the letter many times that night. He would wonder if there was a message for him between the lines. Should he take some time off and go to New York to attend the opening of the new musical starring Carrie Whiting? He knew from past experiences that Carrie would be surrounded by important people: prominent politicians, high society types, wealthy businessmen and, of course, a crowd of reporters. He’d be lucky to be able to say hello to the woman. Still…
 He couldn’t come up with an answer. Finally, in exasperation he spoke to an empty room.
“Men are fools,” he said.

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