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Episode Five of The Silent Child

Episode Four concluded with:

            “It’s ‘Clarence and me’, Dehner instructed, then asked, “You mean you haven’t been able to make your mortgage payments?”
Clarence shrugged his shoulders. “Right now there are so many payments we are behind on, you can pretty much take your pick. We got lots of payments, not many customers. Most folks prefer to shop at Harper’s Mercantile. Can’t figure out why.”
Rupert held up an index finger, “Maybe it’s cause the Harpers are more helpful, their store is cleaner and their prices lower.”
Clarence nodded his head in a thoughtful manner, “Guess that could have somethin’ to do with it.”

Episode Five

“Maybe you can help us out, Rance.” Hope permeated Rupert’s voice. “We got anythin’ here you’d like to buy?”
            “I’m hoping my little friend might like some candy,” Dehner replied. “Do either one of you gentlemen recognize her?”
 Neither Bushrod brother had paid any attention to Pixie when Dehner brought her into the store. Both men now gave the child a cursory glance.
            “She does look a mite familiar,” Clarence offered.
            “Do either one of you know her name?”
            Both men shook their heads, then Rupert exclaimed, “Oh boy!”
            “Do you remember her now?” Dehner asked.
            “Na, but I sure remember her mother. Her name was Judy.”
“Oh yes,” Clarence’s face brightened. “I remember Judy, too. A really beautiful woman. She brought the kid here because they was sold out of candy across the street.”
“We never sell out of nothin’,” Rupert added.
Dehner watched Pixie carefully. The little girl had no reaction to the mention of her mother’s name.
“How long did Judy stay in your store?” Dehner threw the question out to either brother.
Rupert caught it. “Not long enough. Did we mention that she was real good lookin’?”
“I recall words to that effect,” the detective said.
 Rupert continued: “After she bought the kid some rock candy, she talked for a few minutes ‘bout the ranch she and her husband were startin’. Gonna raise horses as I recall. Then she looked out the door and saw the Harpers helpin’ her husband load up his buckboard. She took the girl and went to help.”
“Is that the last time you saw her?”
“ ‘Fraid so,” Clarence ran a hand through his thinning hair. “Seems a shame, a beautiful woman like that workin’out on a ranch when she could have a great job right here in town as a saloon girl.”
“The kid did come back for a moment,” Rupert added. “She brought a penny with her and bought more candy.”
“It’s getting’ to the point where we remember every sale we make with great fondness,” Clarence declared.
“Thanks for the information, gentlemen.” Dehner placed a couple of coins on the counter and took several pieces of rock candy from a jar. He tried to hand one piece to Pixie but she didn’t respond at all. Her hands remained at her side.
The detective felt baffled. What had the little girl witnessed and why were there people out to kill her?

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