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Episode Eight of The Silent Child

Episode Seven concluded with:

             Two bodies lay on the floor, a man and a woman. Dehner lifted the woman’s body, placed her over his shoulder and ran back to the doorway. He held his breath again and charged into the streaming smoke.
            Gunshots greeted him as he ran off the porch and onto the yard of the ranch house. Dehner hastily placed the body down then dropped to the ground himself. From the corner of his eye, he could see an explosive flash which cut the night like a monstrous lightning bolt. A massive fireworks display of red then covered the sky as the roof of the house collapsed. 
         The detective glanced backward at the rampaging fire. The man he had left in the house was beyond rescue.

Episode Eight

The flames continued their destructive rampage. The corral beside the house was now on fire. Dehner wondered how long Clint Bolger could remain safely behind the boulder which fronted the coral.
            As if answering the question, Bolger moved cautiously from behind the large rock. No shots came from the mountain area. “I think they’ve gone, Rance,” Clint shouted. “I heard hoofbeats riding off when the house came down.”
            Dehner sprang to his feet. No one fired, but the beast behind him seemed to be growing. He picked up the body of the young woman and carried her away from the flames.
            “Is she still alive, Rance?” Clint met the detective several yards in front of the burning house.
            “Don’t know,” Dehner coughed as he gently laid the woman on the ground.
            “You okay?” The sheriff asked.
            “I’m fine.” Both men crouched over the body.
            “This is the Thompson woman,” the sheriff said.
            Dehner coughed once again, his eyes were still watering from the smoke. “She was shot at close range. Someone killed her and then set fire to the house.”
            “Why would they do that?”
            “Don’t know. Her husband was probably shot too.” Dehner glanced back at the inferno which now raged where a house had been. “It’ll be a while before we can retrieve his body.”
            When Dehner turned back, he saw the sheriff lift Judy Thompson’s arm. “Have you seen many corpses, Rance?”
            “Me too. I don’t think Judy Thompson was killed recently. She’s been dead at least a few hours.”
            The detective took a closer look at the corpse. “I think you’re right. That means Judy Thompson and her husband were probably killed this morning. About the time I found Pixie,--or she found me.”
            “But why would the killers come back and set fire to the house?”
            Dehner shook his head. “I can’t say. All we know for sure is that someone murdered the parents of a little girl. And now they want to kill the child.” 

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