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Episode Fourteen of The Silent Child

Episode Thirteen concluded with:

But on second glance, he noticed something out of place. A saddle and saddle bags rested on the wall of one of the stalls. One of the bags was open. He was sure all of the bags had been closed when he had looked in on the stable a few hours before.
Carrying the lantern, he walked over to the open bag and glanced inside. The bag was empty, save for one thing. He pulled it out and gasped. This was something very beautiful. Very special. Something this lovely shouldn’t be kept in a stable!
Mr. Harper was probably asleep by now. He wouldn’t bother him. But he knew he couldn’t put his discovery back into a saddle bag. This was not only something beautiful, this was important.
He would take it to the sheriff. Yes, he would take it to Sheriff Bolger right away. 

Episode Fourteen


Sheriff Clint Bolger and Rance Dehner walked back to the sheriff’s office from Harold’s Barber Shop. Harold was also the town undertaker.
“I’ll stay in town until this thing gets settled, Clint.”
“Appreciate it, Rance. I’ll need help now that I don’t have a deputy. What got in to Emory Logan anyhow? Emory wasn’t a good deputy, but he was a decent enough kid. Why would he accuse Enoch of sparking with Judy Thompson?”
“So you accept Enoch’s version of what happened tonight?”
Clint nodded his head. “I’ve always known Enoch to be an honest man. My instincts are usually right in these matters.”
“Someone is waving at us.”
“Yeah.” The two men started walking faster. After several steps, the sheriff greeted the man standing in front of his office. “Mornin’, Laszlo.”
“Mornin’ Sheriff. I got somethin’ to show you. Somethin’ special.”
“Sure.” The sheriff unlocked and opened the door. “Step inside.”
All three men entered the office. Clint lit the lamp on his desk, then gave Laszlo a friendly smile. “What have you got to show me?”
Laszlo handed him the object.
“Good heavens!” the sheriff’s voice was a loud whisper. “This is a photograph of Judy Thompson!”
“Very beautiful! Very beautiful lady!” 
“Yes Laszlo, she is, or was…”
Dehner looked at the picture. “The Thompsons came from Indiana. They might not have been too far away from Chicago. The picture was probably taken at a photography studio there.”
“Where did you get this, Laszlo?” the sheriff asked.
“At the stable, where I sleep.”
“The stable behind Harper’s Mercantile?”
“Yes. I found it in one of Mr. Harper’s saddle bags. I noticed because the bag was open, not like usual.”
Sheriff Clint Bolger stared silently at the photograph for a few moments, then spoke quietly to Dehner. “Maybe my instincts aren’t so good after all.”

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