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Episode Seventeen of The Silent Child

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

“Just give me a minute, I need to tell Kate what’s going on.” Enoch stepped quickly toward the door to the living area. As he opened it, he saw Kate sitting beside Pixie’s makeshift bed. His wife was talking in a low voice to the child.
For a moment, the store owner became completely engrossed in the scene before him. Pixie was nodding her head! The child seemed to understand what Kate said to her and was responding to his wife’s words.
A voice sounded behind him. “Move inside the room, Enoch. I have a gun pointed at your head.”

Episode Seventeen

The store owner turned around slightly. “Put that thing away, Rupert! After what happened this morning, Kate is in no mood for jokes--”
Something raw and wild appeared in Rupert’s eyes. “This ain’t no joke, Enoch.” Rupert cocked the six shooter. “Move inside, now!”
Enoch moved into the living area still half believing the Bushrod Brothers were playing an elaborate joke. That slight hope was quickly demolished. Pixie stood up on the pile of blankets that was her makeshift bed and began to scream. At first her voice was an inarticulate screech. Then words shot out from her. “I remember ! I remember !” She pointed at the Bushrod Brothers. “Those men killed my mommy and my daddy!”
Clarence Bushrod quickly pulled a gun and pointed it at Pixie. “Shut that kid up!
Kate Harper was in a state of near shock. Pixie was talking and two men that she had always thought of as lovable jokers were now threatening the child with guns.
Clarence repeated his order. “Quiet that kid, Kate. Now!”
Pixie was close to being hysterical. Kate tried to comfort the child with soft words as she placed a hand over Pixie’s mouth.
Rupert pulled back the carpet, revealing the trapdoor underneath. He yanked the door open and motioned with his gun. “Ever’ one downstairs.”
Enoch looked shocked. Rupert answered his unspoken question. “Laszlo told us ‘bout your secret basement.”
“You’d be surprised how a few pieces of candy can loosen a man’s tongue,” Clarence added. “We’ve found out quite a bit ‘bout the Harpers.”
“You’re wonderful folks!” Rupert smiled broadly as he spoke. “The kind of people who are needed to help bring civilization to the west. Darn shame you’re all gonna be dead in a few minutes. But, wouldn’t you know it, that’s what often happens to the kind of people who are needed to help bring civilization to the west.”  He once again motioned with his gun. “Downstairs!” 

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