Monday, November 12, 2012

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Episode Four of Dangerous Calling

Episode Three concluded with:

                Reverend Goodman took a long drink of his coffee. The warm brew settled in his stomach and felt good. “You know, I decided to ride from Dallas to Antioch instead of taking the train because I felt that I needed the experience. Needed to sleep under the stars and all that. Well, I got lost and, I’ll admit it. I was scared.”
            The pastor laughed whimsically. “But I ran into two good Samaritans. Maybe the Lord wants me in the West, after all.”
            Abner’s laugh was loud and harsh. He slammed a fist into Goodman’s neck. The pastor dropped his coffee cup and rolled onto the ground, gasping for air.

Episode Four

For the second time that night, the pastor was staring directly upwards. Only now he was on his back and the branches of trees blocked out much of the sky. Tendrils of smoke from the fire seemed to be wrapping around the branches like monstrous snakes.
            Then Abner’s face, red and full of hate was suddenly blocking his view. A huge fist once again came down on his neck, and something heavy pressed against his throat.
            For a moment, Jim Goodman was back in Boston, walking through a park with Amanda. They stopped beside a river. She smiled at him and the two of them embraced.
            Then everything vanished and there was only darkness.


            Abner gradually arose and looked down at the corpse. “That was easy enough.”
            “Coulda been a lot easier,” Fargo replied. “Why didn’t you jus’ shoot the sky pilot?”
            Abner walked over to the fire and picked up a cup. “Any coffee left?”
            Abner removed the can from over the fire and poured coffee into his cup. “What did you think of our last job?”
            Fargo shrugged his shoulders. “Sorta disappointin’. The payroll wasn’t on that stage like we heard.”
            Abner returned the can to the spider web over the fire. “We got a little over sixty-five dollars and we had two jaspers helpin’ us.”
            “Yep. So?” 
            “I’ve seen some of them stained glass windows in Denver.”
            “I saw me one in Dallas,” Fargo said. “They’re pretty enough, I guess.”
            “Pretty and very expensive,” Abner explained.
            “S’pose so.”
            “Those good church goin’ folks in Antioch must have raised a lot of money, and they’re gonna turn it over to the new sky pilot once he hits town.”
            Fargo laughed. “I think I’m beginnin’to understand where you’re goin’.”
            Abner glanced back at Goodman’s corpse, then returned his gaze to Fargo. “To get back to your first question. I didn’t shoot the Reverend because I didn’t want blood on his clothes. Antioch is still gettin’ their new pastor tomorrow: a pastor who will be ridin’ out with money stuffed in his saddle bags.”
            Fargo’s laughter continued. “Like takin’ candy from a baby!”
            Abner smiled and took another sip of coffee. Fargo was a decent enough partner, but he was a fool. He was a man who would spend his life robbing the wrong stagecoach and getting one fourth of sixty-five dollars for his efforts.
            But, he still needed the fool. Fargo had no idea how much money was involved here. Abner did. He had already killed one man for that money. He’d kill more if necessary.

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