Friday, November 16, 2012

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Episode Eight of Dangerous Calling

Episode Seven concluded with:

             The mayor left the church, talked with the folks outside for several minutes, and then got into his buggy. Placing his crutches on the seat beside him, Frank Dunning felt ashamed of himself. How could he have doubted that Reverend Jim Goodman was a genuine man of God? The pastor had boldly approached a deeply troubled man who was waving a gun and threatening to kill him!
            Dunning closed his eyes, “Lord forgive my doubt…” The prayer was short and intense. The mayor still felt ashamed as he drove off.

Episode Eight

            Abner Coogan looked through the partially opened double doors of the church and watched Frank Dunning’s buggy fade into the darkness. He then exclaimed, “We pulled it off, Fargo!”
            Both men laughed as Coogan returned to the pew. He opened Fargo’s six shooter. The moron had left the gun loaded. Coogan closed the gun and continued to laugh as he sat down beside his partner. No harm done.
            “What next?” Fargo asked.
            “I’ve got a room at the hotel. A member of the church owns the place. You’re gonna get a room there.”
            “I could make camp outside of town.”
            “I want you in Antioch all of the time! You’ll be praising the Lord and praising me for helping you to see the light.”
            “How exactly do I go ‘bout that?”
            “Tomorrow morning you’re going to the bank and apply for a job. A guy named Wilbur Lewis is the head man there. Tell him you’re willing to do anything: clean floors, clean windows…you’re a changed man.”
            Fargo’s eyes went to the ceiling.  Abner continued. “It will only be for a few days. I saw the look on Lewis’ face when I walked with you to the church. The guy thinks I’m a saint!”
            “So you go swamp out his floors!”
            “It won’t be for long! Next Monday, I’m walkin’ into that bank and withdrawin’ the money for the new church. I’ll have a good story. But I want you there as a reminder to Mr. Lewis that I’m a guy who can work miracles.”
            Fargo went silent for a moment, then he laughed. “I guess I can do some honest work for a few days. I won’t have to work on Sunday, will I?”
            “I’m sure a fine Christian gentleman like Mr. Lewis would never ask you to work on the Sabbath!”
            Fargo’s laugh became louder. “Abner, you are--”
            “Call me Reverend Goodman. Remember, I am Reverend Jim Goodman!”
            “Yeah, Fargo, it would be a real shame to mess-up Abner’s scheme!” A large burly man walked into the church. “You forgot to close the door completely after ya watched the mayor ride off. Guess you’re not use ta dealin’ with church doors, Abner. Course, ya don’t want the good folks of Antioch knowin’ that.”
            The newcomer remained on his feet with one hand not far from the .44 strapped to his waist.

Monday: Episode Nine of Dangerous Calling