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Episode Thirteen of Dangerous Calling

Episode Twelve concluded with:

             Amanda’s doubts eased. “I’m not sure where the church is located…”
            “That’s why he sent me.”
            Amanda gave a joyful laugh. “Well then, let’s get going! But first, could you wait for just a few minutes? I want to freshen up a bit!”
            She hastily closed the door and didn’t see the malevolent smile that spread across Fargo’s face.

Episode Thirteen  


            Frank Dunning tried to focus on the rifle he was working on. He had lost almost an entire day’s work attending to Amanda Olson. He glanced through the front window of his gun shop at the hotel across the street. Miss Olson must be getting very anxious about her fiancé, maybe he should check in on her…
            Dunning sighed and shook his head, dismissing his own thoughts. Miss Olson was deeply in love with Reverend Jim Goodman. No doubt, they would be married soon. He needed to keep his school boy infatuation with the lady in check.
            The mayor once again wrestled with his doubts about Goodman. Where was the man?  Dunning remembered the encounter that morning between himself, Amanda and Fargo. Fargo had been the one saying that Reverend Goodman had left town, but he had seemed totally confused while he was saying it. Out loud, Dunning muttered, “He sure grabbed onto my notion that it must have been an emergency.”
            Boisterous sounds came from the street. Saturday night in Antioch: lots of activity at the saloons. Maybe he should give up on work and lose himself in a card game.
            The gunsmith put the rifle and his tools away. As he began to take off his work apron, he glanced through the front window and saw Amada Olson leaving the hotel with Fargo. From what he could see, the woman looked happy. He didn’t get to look very long. Both she and Fargo were walking fast.
            Reverend Goodman must be back in Antioch. But why would he send Fargo to get his fiancée, especially on a Saturday night when the street was filled with revelers?
            “None of my business,” Dunning whispered to himself as he put the apron away.
            But all of the odd events that surrounded Reverend Jim Goodman assaulted the gunsmith’s mind as he put on his grey coat. This time he spoke to himself in a normal voice. “Won’t hurt to look into it.”
            He paused for a moment and then strapped on the six gun he hadn’t carried since the doc amputated his left leg. Some folks might think he looked funny with a gun tied down to his one leg. “Let ‘em laugh!” Frank almost shouted as he put on his hat and left the shop.

            Amanda Olson felt increasingly uneasy as she and Fargo stepped off the end of the boardwalk and continued their journey. “Is the church very far?” She hoped her voice didn’t reveal her nervousness.
            “Not too far,” Fargo answered. “I suggested we use horses, but no, he wouldn’t listen to me.”
            That reply impressed Amanda as being a bit odd. But she didn’t have time to give it much thought. Two shots sounded behind her.
            The woman’s shoulders hunched upwards as she gasped and turned around. “What happened?!”
            Fargo laughed in a mocking manner and let out a few curses. He then shook his head, “Look lady, this here is the West. Jaspers get drunk on Saturday night and fire off their guns!”
            “Yes, of course, I apologize for acting the way I did.”
            As they continued to walk along the increasingly rough path, Amanda tried to be charitable in her thoughts toward Fargo. The man was a recent convert. He couldn’t be expected to immediately turn from his old ways. She needed to demonstrate patience and kindness.  
            A flicker of yellow could be seen in the distance. Amanda walked faster as she realized that they were approaching the church. She spoke out loud, primarily to herself, “I wonder what kind of surprise is waiting for me.”
            “You’re gonna find out real soon.” Fargo’s voice was firm, almost business-like. He had killed several men. Tonight, for the first time, he would kill a woman.

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