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Episode Seventeen of Dangerous Calling

Episode Sixteen concluded with:

             The conversation drifted along for a few more minutes. It was obvious that Frank Dunning and the Hurleys were primarily concerned with Amanda’s well being and Dehner’s presence wasn’t much help in that regard. The detective excused himself, saying he wanted to get a good night’s sleep before leaving town the next day.
            Pausing outside the restaurant, Dehner looked through the window again and watched three fine people try to comfort a grieving young woman. He had an odd feeling which came to him often: a feeling that he didn’t belong.

Episode Seventeen

            Eight months later, Dehner checked his mail at the office of the Lowrie Detective Agency before leaving on an assignment to Arizona. He found an invitation to the wedding of Amanda Olson and Frank Dunning. Amanda had included a letter:

            Dear Mr. Dehner,
            Frank and I have been talking about you recently, how you saved both of our lives and then left the next day. Frank, at least, said thank you. I fear that I was very caught up in my grief and ignored you. Please allow me, even at this late date, to thank you for all you have done.
            I consider myself to be more mature than I was when we first met. I do not know why things happen in life the way they do. But I thank God for bringing a fine man like Frank Dunning into my life. My parents also love Frank and are looking forward to the wedding.
            Ours will be the first wedding in the new church, the construction of which was just finished last week. Our pastor is a wonderful man who values Frank as a lay leader.
            Frank and I look forward to seeing you again.

 Dehner smiled as he read the letter, but still felt a bit melancholy. He realized that he was a man with few close friends. It was the nature of his work. He would arrive somewhere, do a job, and then leave and often never return. 
            But he hoped that he left things better than he had found them. Letters like the one he had just received were important to him.
            The detective also hoped he would be able to attend the wedding.  Dehner knew he would keep the letter.
            “May God bless both of you.” He spoke aloud to two people he might never see again. He then left the office hurriedly. A job awaited him in Arizona.

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