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Episode Twenty-Two of The Silent Child

Episode Twenty-One concluded with:

“How’d you wise up to us, Rance?”
           “After that story about the jewelry, I’ve been keeping an eye on you guys. I noticed that you were being very kind to Laszlo and spending some time with him. Fortunately, Laszlo was happy to share about the joke you were playing on the Harpers. Of course, you’d have had to kill Laszlo too.”
           Rupert rolled his eyes upward. “But we never got that far. Guess the plan had a fatal flaw.”
           Clarence sighed deeply. "'Fatal’ is a good way to put it. For once, brother, you called it right.”

Episode Twenty-Two

            Dehner rode his horse from the livery as the sun was beginning its rise. The detective felt restless. The talk with the Bushrod Brothers had ended only a few hours before. Rance couldn’t figure out what was bothering him.
            “Mr. Dehner!” A female voice called out to him.
            He pulled up in front of Harper’s Mercantile. “Good morning, Mrs. Harper. Good morning, Pixie.”
            Kate’s face was beaming, so was that of the little girl. “Pixie has something she wants to say to you. Go ahead, honey.”
            Pixie looked at him shyly. “Thank you for helping me.”
            Dehner responded in a soft voice, “Happy to do it, Pixie, and it is great to hear you talking.”
            Enoch strolled out onto the boardwalk. “We’ve decided, all three of us, that Pixie is going to be her name from here on out. Pixie Harper. That name sounds good to all of us.”
            Dehner laughed, “That marks the first time I ever had a hand in naming a child.” As he waved good-bye to the Harpers, he wondered if it would be the last.
            He was miles away from Candler before he understood what had been bothering him. The detective had really wanted to stay in town long enough to watch the Bushrod Brothers hang. But not for the right reason, not because he’d be watching two cold blooded killers get what was coming to them.
 Dehner was sure that Rupert and Clarence would make it a barrel of laughs.

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