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Episode Six of The Darkness

Episode Five concluded with:
. . . He placed two fingers on Jesse Monahan’s neck, feeling for a pulse that wasn’t there. As he withdrew his hand, he noticed blood on the sleeve of his shirt. His arm had brushed the gambler’s chest where a large knife protruded. 
            A rattling sound came from inside the office. The door moved outward a few inches and the black cat slithered into the hallway. The animal’s body rose into a hunched position and the cat hissed; its eyes seemed to flame at the man crouched over the corpse.
            Bart dashed from the house in a panicked frenzy. He ran into town, passed a saloon and headed directly for the sheriff’s office, which was locked. For the second time in less than an hour, he pounded on a door.
            “Okay, okay, I’m coming.”
            Sheriff Buford Miley opened the door in sock feet. His eyes gleamed with surprise. “Bart McRae. Heard you’d been released.”
            McRae stood immobile, unable to speak.
            “What’s wrong with you?” the sheriff asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Episode Six


            Sheriff Miley finished hammering a new wanted circular onto the wall of his office as he spoke to the two men who emerged from the cell area. “How’d the meetin’ go?”
            “Mr. McRae told us everything he told the jury,” Bertram Lowrie replied crisply. “I’m convinced of the veracity of his statements.”
            Buford Miley looked a bit confused. “Yeah. I feel sorta the same way myself.”
            “Sheriff, I know you’re a busy man but could we trouble you with a few questions?” Rance Dehner smiled and appeared as friendly as he could. Working with his boss, Bertram Lowrie, could be difficult. Bertram’s aristocratic ways often put people on edge. Rance occasionally had to sand those edges.
            The sheriff did look a bit relieved as he tossed the hammer onto the desk. “Sure, go ahead.”
            “I understand Jameson’s doctor is out of town right now. Could you give me the name of the man who buried Adrian Monahan?”
            Sheriff Miley laughed, shaking both of his chins. Miley’s weight took him past the “heavyset” description. Dehner wondered how fast the lawman could move in an emergency.
            “I’m the one who buried both Monahans, Adrian and Jesse.”
            “And why is that?” Bertram asked.
            “That’s a little job I got on the side. Bein’ sheriff don’t pay much, so I do the buryin’ ‘round here. Adrian has a brother in San Diego, Phineas. He sent me money for buryin’ Adrian. Paid me good.” 
            “Did Phineas attend the funeral?” Dehner asked.
            “Na. Too old. Too sick.” 
            “When did you receive payment for the execution of your duties in regard to the remains of Adrian Monahan?” Lowrie asked. 
            “Ah, well…”
            “When did you receive the money from San Diego?” Dehner added hastily.
            “Oh. Guess it was ‘bout three weeks or so after I buried Adrian. Jesse wrote Phineas ‘bout what happened to his brother.”
            “Did anyone write to Phineas about Jesse being murdered?”
            “I did! Found the address of the post office in San Diego layin’ on Jesse’s desk, along with some cards. The buryin’ business ain’t the sure thing I thought it would be. Sometimes I end up puttin’ a body in the ground and don’t get paid nothin’. It ain’t  right.”
            “Indeed, that is quite an injustice,” Lowrie couldn’t keep the impatience from his voice. “Could you describe the wound to Adrian Monahan’s head?”
            The lawman shrugged his shoulders. “The old man put it there hisself.”
            “Yes” Dehner remained friendly as his boss pressed his lips together. “But could you describe the wound?”
            “Nothin’ to describe.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “The head was pretty much gone. Guess that’s what happens when you try to eat the barrel of a Colt .44.” Buford Miley laughed hard at his own joke. Dehner laughed along politely. Lowrie stared at the ceiling.

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