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Episode Seven of The Darkness

Episode Six concluded with:

            “Did anyone write to Phineas about Jesse being murdered?”
“I did! Found the address of the post office in San Diego layin’ on Jesse’s desk, along with some cards. The buryin’ business ain’t the sure thing I thought it would be. Sometimes I end up puttin’ a body in the ground and don’t get paid nothin’. It ain’t  right.”
            “Indeed, that is quite an injustice,” Lowrie couldn’t keep the impatience from his voice. “Could you describe the wound to Adrian Monahan’s head?”
            The lawman shrugged his shoulders. “The old man put it there hisself.”
            “Yes” Dehner remained friendly as his boss pressed his lips together. “But could you describe the wound?”
            “Nothin’ to describe.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “The head was pretty much gone. Guess that’s what happens when you try to eat the barrel of a Colt .44.” Buford Miley laughed hard at his own joke. Dehner laughed along politely. Lowrie stared at the ceiling.

Episode Seven

“Just one more question, Sheriff Miley.” Bertram Lowrie’s disposition began to appear cheerier. The thought of soon departing from Buford Miley was probably the cause. “Bart McRae insists he received a letter from Adrian Monahan while in prison and showed the letter to Jesse Monahan. Have you any idea what might have happened to that letter?”
            A look of curiosity and intelligence appeared on the sheriff’s face and Dehner began to suspect they had underrated him a bit. “That’s the crazy thing ‘bout this whole matter,” the lawman said. “I believe Bart, but I searched all over that big house. Didn’t find no letter. I also asked around concernin’ what Bart said ‘bout the second floor bein’ unfit. Nobody in town knew nothin’ ‘bout it.”
            Miley shook his head. “I think Bart McRae is innocent, but a jury disagreed with me. Bart is gonna make history in this town.”
            “How’s that?” Dehner asked.
            Buford nodded his head toward the office window. “That gallows they’re buildin’ outside, right in the center of the road. We use ta hang outlaws on a tree north of town. But the area is kinda rough; no place for people to gather. Now, we’re makin’ it a family time. Folks will come into town for the hangin’. They’ll eat at the restaurants and do some shoppin’. Help the economy.”
            Dehner and his boss both thanked the sheriff for his help and stepped out onto the boardwalk. Workmen were putting the final touches on the gallows. Both detectives looked grimly at the scene in front of them. Lowrie spoke first:  “Mrs. Sarah McRae believes her son is innocent of murder, and I agree with her.”
Rance had participated in the interview with Sarah McRae at the office of the Lowrie Detective Agency in Dallas. Dehner suspected that Sarah could not afford to pay the agency its usual fee. This case probably came under the classification of charity work. As was his custom, Bertram Lowrie would inform his employee of the altruism after they were finished. Nothing like this would ever happen to a Pinkerton operative.
            Dehner smiled inwardly. That’s why he worked for the Lowrie agency.
            But there was one aspect of the case that bothered the detective. “I’m sure you know sir, that I enjoy working with you on an assignment,” Dehner lied. “But why did you pick this case?”
            Bertram Lowrie looked about the town of Jameson with eyes that were narrow and penetrating. “As I have already said, Bart McRae is innocent of murder, but he is guilty of foolish superstition. Old wives tales have destroyed many fine men and marred civilizations. I take every opportunity to expose frauds such as ghosts and dead men who write letters.”
            “We need to expose them quickly.” Dehner pointed at the gallows. “The family fun Sheriff Miley was talking about is scheduled for tomorrow morning.”

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