Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Episode Eleven of The Darkness

Episode Ten concluded with:

            A meager light flickered back into the room. Bertram Lowrie had lit a kerosene lantern. Driblets of blood were spattered down Lowrie’s left cheek.
            “Are you okay, sir?” Dehner spoke as he got to his feet.
            “Yes. Adrian Monahan doused this lantern, then slammed me in the face with Cummings’ gun.
            “Do you know where he is?”
            Lowrie nodded toward the outside. “He’s out there somewhere. We have a madman running loose in the dark with a loaded gun.”

Episode Eleven

Bertram Lowrie rummaged quickly among the supplies piled about the room and found a candle. After lighting it and setting it in a mug on the table, he picked up the lantern and moved toward the door. “I’ll begin searching. You tie up Wyatt Cummings, then join me.” 
            “Careful, you’ll be a target carrying that lantern.”
            Lowrie gave his employee a harsh glare as if to say, “I know that!” Cautiously, he stepped outside, then paused on the porch and listened as a frantic voice sounded from the barn.
            “I know you’re in here! I’ll kill you again! I will not be betrayed! This time I’ll cut out your heart!”
            Lowrie removed the pistol from his shoulder holster and moved toward the barn, gun in one hand and lantern in the other. His approach was to a side of the open doorway.
            He placed the lantern down and pressed his body against the side of the barn. Lowrie listened closely. Adrian Monahan seemed to be pacing about inside. After a few minutes the footsteps stopped and then started up again, but the sound was different.
            Rance Dehner joined his boss. “I found some rope in the house, old but strong. Wyatt Cummings won’t be going anywhere. How’s our ghost?”
            “Monahan is up in the loft of the barn.”
            A loud shout sounded inside the barn. “You’ll never get me! I’ll kill you first!”
            “He seems to be challenging us,” Rance said.
            “Perhaps,” Lowrie replied. “I am not at all sure he is addressing us. In any event we have him trapped. This is the only door on the barn. The windows are too small to allow escape.” 
            “We need to give him a chance to surrender.”
            “Be my guest.”
            Dehner shouted, “Adrian Monahan, put down your gun and come out with your hands up!”
            “I won’t allow you to kill me!” Scrambling footsteps could be heard from the barn. Monahan was running about in an empty hay loft. “You can’t kill me here! Nobody can!”
            A sharp sound of cracking timber echoed in the old barn, followed by a scream. “Our prey has fallen through the loft!” Lowrie carefully peeked around the open door, to be greeted by a shot.
            “Go away!” Monahan fired another shot, this one at an empty doorway. “Go away!”
            “Surrender, Mr. Monahan,” Bertram Lowrie shouted. “Your situation is quite hopeless.”
            A frantic cry which sounded like that of a hungry infant came from the barn, followed by a shot. Both detectives held their breaths for a few moments. Dehner broke the silence, “Oh no.”
            Lowrie picked up the lantern. “This could be a trick, but I don’t think so. Nevertheless, be prepared to use your weapon.”
            Both men entered the barn, guns ready. They advanced until they were under the hay loft and standing over the body of Adrian Monahan.
            “Oh…good…Lord,” Dehner spoke those words reverently. “He shot himself in the head.”
            “Yes, with a Colt .44.”

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