Friday, February 3, 2012

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Episode Twelve of The Darkness

Episode Eleven concluded with:

             “Go away!” Monahan fired another shot, this one at an empty doorway. “Go away!”
            “Surrender, Mr. Monahan,” Bertram Lowrie shouted. “Your situation is quite hopeless.”
            A frantic cry which sounded like that of a hungry infant came from the barn, followed by a shot. Both detectives held their breaths for a few moments. Dehner broke the silence, “Oh no.”
            Lowrie picked up the lantern. “This could be a trick, but I don’t think so. Nevertheless, be prepared to use your weapon.”
            Both men entered the barn, guns ready. They advanced until they were under the hay loft and standing over the body of Adrian Monahan.
            “Oh…good…Lord,” Dehner spoke those words reverently. “He shot himself in the head.”
            “Yes, with a Colt .44.”

Episode Twelve

            “Adrian Monahan was insane,” Lowrie’s voice was little more than a whisper. “Neither Monahan had the stomach to kill that poor drifter, but Jesse hired Wyatt Cummings for the job. Cummings did the foul deed but there was enough of the victim’s head left for a proper identification. Mr. Adrian Monahan took an axe and decapitated the corpse. That was the beginning of his descent into madness. Jesse Monahan was a victim of that madness.”
            “I don’t follow you.”
            “Adrian moved to San Diego and assumed the name of Phineas Monahan, a brother who, in all likelihood, never existed. He lived off money he embezzled from the stagecoach line in its final years. But he was still dependent on his nephew.”
            Dehner thought about that for a moment. “Jesse was paying off Wyatt Cummings to keep quiet.”
            Lowrie nodded his head. “As his demented state grew worse, Adrian became certain Jesse would ‘betray’ him, to use a word Adrian apparently employed with great frequency.”
            Dehner thought about what they had overheard Cummings say. “Jesse and Adrian arranged a charade in the old house to exploit the superstitious nature of Bart McRae. But Adrian planned a double cross. He murdered Jesse.”
            “Yes, but it didn’t go quite as planned. You saw that desk in the study, what was missing?”
            Dehner closed his eyes, embarrassed by his own oversight. “A letter opener!”
            “After Jesse was stabbed, he attempted revenge. He grabbed the letter opener and used it as a weapon against his uncle, but he died before he could complete the task. A wounded Adrian pocketed the opener and staggered out of the house before Bart made it downstairs.”
            “He forgot about the safe where Jesse kept his winnings. No doubt, he planned to kill Wyatt Cummings and then leave this area for good.” 
            Both men went silent, contemplating the grotesque events which had almost led to the hanging of an innocent man. Bertram Lowrie looked down at the corpse of Adrian Monahan. “There is a darkness in the human soul which is far more terrifying than any ancient superstition.”

Monday: Episode Thirteen, the conclusion of The Darkness