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Episode Two of Last Job

Episode One concluded with:

            The banker nodded his head, opened the right hand drawer of his desk and took out a pistol. “Start running.”
            Brooks pulled his bandanna over his nose and fled from the bank. He ran around the corner and mounted his strawberry roan as Conklin shouted, “The bank is being robbed!”
            Tully galloped off as the banker fired at him. The shot came close. An angry Tully Brooks considered returning fire and killing the snake, but that didn’t seem right. This was, after all, easy money.

Episode Two


Red covered the sky like blood on a battlefield. Rance Dehner crouched in a maze of bushes on a small knoll and contemplated the irony of sunrise. Poets rhapsodized over the beauty of dawn. For the detective, dawn was the time when he often caught up with and arrested a fugitive. Or killed him.
            Dehner hoped this morning’s confrontation would end in an arrest. Two previous encounters with Tully Brooks had involved gunplay and both had ended with Brooks getting away. But the detective had gained a respect for his opponent, who was one of the wiliest crooks he had ever chased.
Dehner had to devise a plan quickly. Tully was breaking camp. The outlaw had just saddled his horse and seemed to be checking his work to make sure the saddle was secure.
            In one sudden movement, Tully ripped his rifle from its boot and fired in the direction of the detective. “Good morning, friend,” Tully yelled as he levered the Henry. “You’re too late for breakfast!” He fired again.
            Dehner rolled as shots ricocheted around him. On his stomach, he yelled, “You’re a lousy cook anyhow, Tully!”
            “Rance?!” The outlaw yelled back.
            “You’re one stubborn cuss!” The outlaw ran to the other side of his horse, using the animal as a shield. He knew his opponent well. Rance wouldn’t shoot the animal.
            “You’re right, Tully. I am a stubborn cuss. If I was a gentleman, I’d have a better job than this one! Give up, Tully!”
            “You know I won’t!” Brooks slipped the Henry back into the boot. “Let’s take a morning ride!” Tully quickly mounted the roan, spurring his steed into a fast gallop.
            Dehner ran down the knoll to where his bay was tethered. He rode the horse cautiously up the small hill and then down the slope. Once they were on flat ground, Dehner raked his spurs against the horse and began a fast pursuit.
             Two ribbons of dust trailed behind Tully’s horse. Dehner kept his bay at a fast, steady gallop. Tully was pushing his horse hard, riding toward a mountain where he hoped to get lost among the caves and large rocks.

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