Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Episode Three of Last Job

Episode Two concluded with:
            “You know I won’t!” Brooks slipped the Henry back into the boot. “Let’s take a morning ride!” Tully quickly mounted the roan, spurring his steed into a fast gallop.
            Dehner ran down the knoll to where his bay was tethered. He rode the horse cautiously up the small hill and then down the slope. Once they were on flat ground, Dehner raked his spurs against the horse and began a fast pursuit.
             Two ribbons of dust trailed behind Tully’s horse. Dehner kept his bay at a fast, steady gallop. Tully was pushing his horse hard, riding toward a mountain where he hoped to get lost among the caves and large rocks.

Episode Three

            The outlaw had reached the foot of the mountain when his roan stumbled and fell. Tully was thrown off the animal but quickly made it back onto his feet. Checking the fallen horse, Brooks saw that his Henry was underneath the animal. He glanced back.  Rance was fast approaching. Tully gave up on retrieving the rifle. He began to hobble up the mountain.
            Rance reined in near the injured horse. He dismounted and took a quick look at the roan. The animal was blowing hard and seemed to be in terrible pain. The detective spotted Tully’s Henry under the horse, but there was no time to check further on the roan. The detective tethered his own horse with a heavy stone and pulled his Winchester from the boot.
            He moved away from the bay and ran behind a boulder near the foot of the mountain, where he shouted, “Surrender Tully! For once in your life, act smart!”
            There was no response. Dehner wasn’t expecting one. The detective thought it significant that Tully Brooks hadn’t fired at him. Tully didn’t have a rifle. The outlaw was apparently in a position where a pistol shot was unlikely to hit its target, and would only expose the shooter’s location.
            Going after an injured Tully Brooks was like going after an injured bear, Rance thought to himself. “Guess I’m paid to be a hunter,” Rance whispered as he started up the mountain.
            The mountainside was a jigsaw of scattered boulders and clumps of thin trees. Dehner zigzagged his way up the steep slope, occasionally taking refuge behind a large rock. He didn’t want to make himself an easy target.
            Rance was scanning the mountainside from behind a boulder when he heard  gravel scattering above him. The detective turned to spot the blur of a terrifying force charging at him. The sound of Rance’s rifle fire blended with the mountain lion’s roar. The lion twisted backwards, then straightened for another attack. Rance levered another shell into the chamber of the Winchester. His second shot brought the cat down.
            The detective breathed heavily as he approached the beast, which was defeated but still alive. A third shot killed the lion.
            Dehner felt hard iron pressing into his back. “Good shootin’, Rance. I always admired the way you could handle a gun. Now, toss the rifle and put your hands up.”

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