Friday, February 10, 2012

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Episode Four of Last Job

Episode Three concluded with:
             Rance was scanning the mountainside from behind a boulder when he heard  gravel scattering above him. The detective turned to spot the blur of a terrifying force charging at him. The sound of Rance’s rifle fire blended with the mountain lion’s roar. The lion twisted backwards, then straightened for another attack. Rance levered another shell into the chamber of the Winchester. His second shot brought the cat down.
            The detective breathed heavily as he approached the beast, which was defeated but still alive. A third shot killed the lion.
            Dehner felt hard iron pressing into his back. “Good shootin’, Rance. I always admired the way you could handle a gun. Now, toss the rifle and put your hands up.”

Episode Four

            Rance did what he was told. He kept his hands very high. Brooks had the barrel of a pistol pressed into Dehner’s back and didn’t seem too concerned about the Colt. 45 tied to his right leg. Dehner wanted to prolong the indifference. He spoke in a casual, friendly manner. “You’re a hard man to spot, Tully. Where were you hiding?”
            “In those trees behind the rocks,” he gave a light hearted chuckle, “I spotted the cat, but the cat didn’t see me. No, she had her eyes on you the moment you started up the mountain. I thought I’d hang back and enjoy the fight.”
            “Sorry to disappoint you with the outcome.”
            “A man must always fight to win.” Regret edged Tully’s voice. “Sorry Rance, gotta--”
            Dehner arced his back and smashed his head into Tully’s face. The outlaw’s arms splayed out and his pistol fired. Dehner felt the heat from the shot as his entire body collided with Tully Brooks.
            Both men skidded down the slope. Dehner palmed his Colt and smoked a shot into Tully’s chest seconds before the outlaw collided with the boulder Dehner had been crouched behind.
            Tully Brooks dropped his gun; a second explosion from Dehner’s pistol landed near the fallen weapon. The detective hurried onto his feet and retrieved Brooks’ Smith and Wesson. “You won’t be needing this anymore, Tully.”
            “‘Fraid you’re right.” The outlaw leaned his upper torso against the rock, then closed his eyes and slid downwards.

Monday: Episode Five of Last Job