Friday, March 30, 2012

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Episode Two of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode One concluded with:

“Well, before you leave you gotta have a good breakfast,” Elsie declared. “I’ll start getting’ the food on the table. Isaiah should be back from early chores soon."
Ricky Cates smiled, but he wasn’t happy. Isaiah, a hired hand, was a lot stronger than his elderly and frail boss. Cates could tell that Isaiah did not accept the Robin Hood story he had fed that crazy writer from the East. The outlaw hated Isaiah for that. Ricky Cates also hated Isaiah for his black skin.
Hoofbeats sounded from outside. Simon awkwardly arose from his chair and hobbled over to the window. He brushed back the thin curtains, then turned to Ricky. “It’s Marshall Tyler and his deputy!”

Episode Two:

Ricky scooped up the bedroll that lay on the floor. “Get rid of ‘em. Fast!” He rushed inside the Bolger’s bedroom.
Marshall Pete Tyler spotted Simon at the window as he and his deputy, Amos Noonan, hitched their horses. The Marshall smiled and nodded as the two lawmen stepped onto the front porch of the house.
Simon opened the door before Pete could knock. “Mornin’ Marshall, Deputy. Been a while since you two have been out this way.”
“Reckon so,” the Marshall replied. “Last time we were in these parts was about eight months ago, when we were tracking the Carnes gang.”
“Back then, you folks were great about lettin’ us put on the feed bag,” Deputy Noonan’s freckled face gleamed with hope. “We could sure use some of that kindness now. The Marshall and me has been ridin’ hard. Getting’ mighty tired of eatin’ jerky.”
Pete Tyler laughed and shook his head. The Marshall stood at medium height, slightly overweight with iron gray hair. “Amos ain’t none too subtle. Now, if you folks have already had your breakfast--”
Amos Noonan’s face took on a dreamy look. He smelled the food being prepared in the kitchen. Simon couldn’t see any way he could lie about having already eaten. “No, Elsie and me was jus’ getting’ ready to sit down. Both of you’s are welcome.”
The two lawmen took off their hats as they ambled into the Bolger house. Marshall Tyler felt a bit awkward. It wasn’t right imposing like this on folks. If he had been more at ease himself, he might have spotted Elsie’s nervousness as she stepped out of the kitchen. After greeting the two lawmen, she fussed with her apron and tried to sound casual. “What brings you two gents to these parts?”
“Didn’t ya hear?” Amos Noonan spoke loudly as was his custom. “The bank in Grimsby got robbed two days ago. We’re trackin’ the man who done it. Think it was Ricky Cates.”
Elsie’s anxiety sounded like anger in her voice. “Can’t see why a U.S. Marshall and his deputy have to make such a big deal over two hunnert dollars. That banker, Russ Adams, thinks he has to have every penny in the territory.”
Marshall Tyler looked confused. “Ma’am?”
“Well, that’s all that got took from the bank. Two hunnert dollars!”
“Where’d you hear that?” A strong curiosity laced Pete Tyler’s voice. Cates could hear it from where he stood directly behind the door of the bedroom. The outlaw stared at the six-shooter in his right hand. As always, it gave him a sense of power.

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