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Episode Three of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Two concluded with:

“Didn’t ya hear?” Amos Noonan spoke loudly as was his custom. “The bank in Grimsby got robbed two days ago. We’re trackin’ the man who done it. Think it was Ricky Cates.”
Elsie’s anxiety sounded like anger in her voice. “Can’t see why a U.S. Marshall and his deputy have to make such a big deal over two hunnert dollars. That banker, Russ Adams, thinks he has to have every penny in the territory.”
Marshall Tyler looked confused. “Ma’am?”
“Well, that’s all that got took from the bank. Two hunnert dollars!”
“Where’d you hear that?” A strong curiosity laced Pete Tyler’s voice. Cates could hear it from where he stood directly behind the door of the bedroom. The outlaw stared at the six-shooter in his right hand. As always, it gave him a sense of power.

Episode Three

Elsie’s nervousness became more apparent. She began to work her hands. “Why, we was in town yesterday and someone told us. Can’t recollect who.”
“Someone told you wrong!” Now the Marshall’s voice sounded angry. “The bank was cleaned out of almost eight thousand dollars. And Russ Adams was gunned down in cold blood.”
“That can’t be true!” Simon shouted as he moved beside his wife.
“Why not?” The Marshall shouted back. Neither lawman noticed the door behind them opening.
Cates fired two shots: the first ripped into the back of Marshall Tyler, the second plunged through the throat of his deputy. Tyler slammed onto the dining table, his body tipping the table over on its side as the lawman landed on his back. His deputy dropped to his knees, then went down, splaying out onto the floor. Both lawmen instinctively began to reach for their guns as they squirmed on the floor only moments from death. Ricky Cates barged into the room and fired another two shots into the heads of the lawmen.
Elsie Bolger began to scream hysterically. “You ought not, you ought not!” Her husband put an arm around the woman trying to calm her, but his body was also trembling.
“Shut up, old woman!” Ricky opened his six- shooter, pushed out the empty cartridges and reloaded from his gun belt.
Elsie continued to scream, “You ought not, you…”
Ricky Cates stopped her screams with another shot. The horror of his wife’s brutal death was the last thing Simon Bolger saw. Cates sent another bullet into the old man’s chest.
Ricky cursed himself as he once again reloaded. He should have let Simon Bolger live for another few minutes. He needed to know where Isaiah was. The Bolgers talked about their hand doing the “early chores.” What did that mean? Was Isaiah close enough to have heard the shots? Probably, but Cates couldn’t be sure.
The killer made his way around the dead bodies, hurried into the kitchen and retrieved the three ten dollar bills from the jar. He again used caution in stepping over the human obstacles as he returned to the bedroom. He didn’t want to get blood on his boots.

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