Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Episode Four of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Three concluded with:

Ricky Cates stopped her screams with another shot. The horror of his wife’s brutal death was the last thing Simon Bolger saw. Cates sent another bullet into the old man’s chest.
Ricky cursed himself as he once again reloaded. He should have let Simon Bolger live for another few minutes. He needed to know where Isaiah was. The Bolgers talked about their hand doing the “early chores.” What did that mean? Was Isaiah close enough to have heard the shots? Probably, but Cates couldn’t be sure.
The killer made his way around the dead bodies, hurried into the kitchen and retrieved the three ten dollar bills from the jar. He again used caution in stepping over the human obstacles as he returned to the bedroom. He didn’t want to get blood on his boots.

Episode Four

Inside the bedroom, his bedroll and saddle bags were lying on a wide bed. Cates returned the thirty dollars to one of the bags containing the money he had stolen from the bank.
The outlaw suddenly dropped to the floor, using the bed as a shield between himself and the small window in the room. He thought he had seen some movement at the open window. Could Isaiah have been spying on him?
Six gun in his right hand, Ricky advanced on his belly toward the window. The outlaw paused to collect himself as he reached the wall, directly under the fluttering curtains. He then sprang up and gazed out the window, ready to gun down any adversary.
There was no one there. Ricky cursed the two birds that were flying about and almost fired at them.
The killer breathed heavily and tried to calm himself. His pinto was out in the barn. He had kept it there purposely. A fine horse tied up in front of the Bolger’s place would have attracted some attention. But now he had to reach his steed while keeping clear of Isaiah, wherever he was.
Ricky Cates prided himself on being smart. He paused and thought about everything the Bolgers had told him about their hired hand: hard- working, honest, kind…
Cates enjoyed dealing with such men. They were easy to fool. And Isaiah was a black man. The killer’s mood became almost playful. This could turn out to be fun. He once again went to his saddle bags, this time to pull some things out.
Caution was still needed. Bedroll under his left arm and saddle bags slung over his left shoulder, Ricky Cates left the house and headed for the barn. He tried to look casual but his right arm was free and ready to draw.
“Stop right there, Mr. Robin Hood!”

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