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Episode Eight of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Seven concluded with:

            They arrived at the buckboard and the mood turned playful. Judy and Lamar smiled as Vicki called them “slowpokes.” As the wagon pulled out, Vicki waved to the pastor’s wife shouting, “See you tomorrow!”
            As she waved back, Judy Martin took a last look at the object Vicki held tightly. The girl hadn’t let go of her magic box since causing a near riot only a short time ago.

Episode Eight


            David Martin spoke to Dehner the moment his wife left the office. “What brought you back to Cooper, Rance?”
            The detective laughed good naturedly. “A social call! I just finished a case in a nearby town and decided to drop by.”
            “Mighty glad you did!” Buck Stephens said. “Last time you were in Cooper you served as a volunteer deputy. By any chance would you--”
            “Sheriff, I should be getting back to Dallas--”
            “I know Rance better than you do, Buck.” There was a mischievous gleam in the pastor’s eyes as he looked at the detective. “Come on, Rance, you know you can’t walk away from this: one thousand dollars suddenly appearing in a magic box, a fifteen year old girl putting a hex on someone who taunted her. Give up, man. You’re staying until you get the answers.”
            Rance Dehner gave his friend a crooked smile. “Reverend, your understanding of human nature is downright sinful.”


            Whit Krammer looked at the red sky, breathed in the fresh air and knew he should be feeling great. This was, after all, his favorite time of the day, early morning when he could work in his office for a couple of hours with no interruption.
            But as he plodded down the boardwalk toward The Cooper Community Bank, Krammer felt troubled. The way the town’s folks had carried on the previous day had left him spooked. The entire town went crazy! That Dehner fella had called it right. They were all acting like wild animals.
            Krammer stopped in front of the bank and fumbled for his key. Had he forgot the darn thing again? At fifty-seven, forgetful moments bothered him more than they once did.
            Whit smiled with relief as he found the key in his left coat pocket and opened the door. He didn’t know what happened next but suddenly he was falling. The banker landed face first on the floor. Krammer shook his head, picked up his glasses and put them back on. As he started to get up he saw two outlaws, the bottom half of their faces covered by bandanas, standing over him. The six guns in their hands left little doubt as to their intent.
            Whit Krammer gave the outlaws an angry glare as he got back onto his feet. “I suppose you’re going to tell me to do what I’m told if I want to stay healthy.”
            “You’re a smart guy, Mr. Krammer.” The outlaw who spoke was tall and thin.
            “Not so smart really,” the banker replied.  “I’ve been robbed before. Crooks tend to have a very limited vocabulary.” Whit Krammer smiled at his own joke.
The outlaws were not amused. “Listen careful, Krammer.” The same outlaw did the talking. Whit wondered if the other outlaw might be someone whose voice he would recognize. The silent outlaw was about average height and hefty: a description which would fit about half of the men in the town.
            The tall outlaw stepped closer to Krammer. “We want the magic money. Now!”
            Those were words the bank president was not expecting. “Magic money?”
            “The money the girl pulled out of her box yesterday!” The outlaw’s voice was becoming angry. “Get it now!”
            Krammer had locked that money in his bottom desk drawer. The banker once again fumbled with his keys and retrieved the money. He had placed it in a canvas bag. The talkative outlaw now said nothing. He grabbed the bag, peered briefly inside, then nodded to his companion. The two robbers ran toward the front door. Krammer opened the top drawer of his desk and yanked out the gun he kept there.

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