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Episode Nine of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Eight concluded with:

            The tall outlaw stepped closer to Krammer. “We want the magic money. Now!”
            Those were words the bank president was not expecting. “Magic money?”
            “The money the girl pulled out of her box yesterday!” The outlaw’s voice was becoming angry. “Get it now!”
            Krammer had locked that money in his bottom desk drawer. The banker once again fumbled with his keys and retrieved the money. He had placed it in a canvas bag. The talkative outlaw now said nothing. He grabbed the bag, peered briefly inside, then nodded to his companion. The two robbers ran toward the front door. Krammer opened the top drawer of his desk and yanked out the gun he kept there.

Episode Nine

Rance Dehner heard a shot coming from the bank as he stepped out of the sheriff’s office to begin a morning round. He saw a horseman galloping down Main Street leading two horses. The rider stopped in front of the bank as two men emerged, firing shots over their shoulders. The gunfire spooked one of the horses. The frightened animal lifted onto two legs as one of the outlaws tried to mount him.
            Dehner drew his Colt .45 and ran toward the outlaws. Though out of range, he fired at them with the desired result. The spooked horse ran off. The stranded rider looked toward his cohorts, hoping one of them would share his horse. That hope was short lived. Two of the robbers rode off, leaving their companion to run for cover as Whit Krammer ran out of the bank carrying his Smith and Wesson and Rance Dehner got ever closer.
            Dehner watched the outlaw run across the street and between two buildings. The detective didn’t like it but he might have to let the man go. The two other outlaws had the bank’s money: money the town probably couldn’t survive without. Dehner needed to go after them.
            The detective stopped at the boardwalk where Whit Krammer had stopped firing at the departed crooks and was now hurling curses at them. “Are you okay, Mr. Krammer?”
            “I’m fine!” Krammer said quickly as if the question weren’t important. “Just growing old. I managed to get a shot at those jaspers as they were going out the door, but I missed and I sure didn’t hit any of them just now. Guess the hands aren’t as steady as they used to be.”
            “Did they clean you out?”
            “No! That’s the crazy thing about it. They only wanted the magic money.”
            The banker cringed, embarrassed by his last remark. “The money that fool girl threw from the buckboard yesterday. Buck told me it was a thousand dollars when he and Lamar brought it over last night. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Planned to do that this morning.”
            “You must have a lot more than a thousand dollars in this bank.”
            “Yes , but they didn’t seem--”
            Both men turned their heads as the sound of slamming wood made a distant bang in the morning air. “That must be coming from the church,” Krammer looked toward the steeple that raised above the rest of the town. “The church doors are heavy and not put in quite right…”
            “Is the church locked?”
            “No…never…do you think that jasper who got left behind…” 
            Dehner spoke hurriedly. “Get the sheriff. He’s at home. This was going to be his day to sleep in. I’m heading for the church.” Krammer nodded his head. Dehner ran in the direction of the steeple.

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