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Episode Twelve of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Eleven concluded with:

            “I always do wrong. I make people mad at me.”
            The response did not surprise Judy. Vicki Burke frequently switched topics while talking.  “That’s not true Vicki, why—”
            “Yes it is! I tried hard to do everything right. The trick with the magic box seemed to make people happy, but Uncle Lamar is mad at me because I went into the special place.”
            Dozens of questions began to pound in Judy Martin’s mind but she had to be cautious. Vicki often turned silent when confronted with questions which caused her discomfort. The preacher’s wife spoke casually, “Vicki, where is the special place?”
            Tears were still visible on the girl’s cheeks but a mischievous look flashed in her eyes. Vicki’s moods often changed rapidly. “I’m not supposed to tell. Uncle Lamar will get mad at me.”
            Judy responded with a playful gleam. The two women laughed together.
“Most everyone is still asleep,” Vicki whispered. “Come on. I’ll show you.” 

Episode Twelve

The two women left Vicki’s room and walked down a long hallway, which ended at a door to the kitchen. As she closed the kitchen door behind her, Vicki motioned for Judy to follow her as she walked past the large stove and went outside through a back door. Vicki continued walking.
            “Are we going far?” Judy Martin was beginning to question her own wisdom in seeking out the special place. To her right was a bunkhouse. She hoped all of the hands were sleeping.
            Vicki pointed at another building, straight ahead, that was new but hastily constructed. The place was far too short and long to be a barn or stable. The small window in the front was too dirty to reveal anything inside.
            “That’s the special place!” Vicki spoke in an excited whisper. “The smell is really strange.”
            A few steps further along, Judy did smell an odor, but it wasn’t too strange. It was a smell she encountered every week when she wrote up the church news and carried it over to Silas Hume at the Cooper Herald. But Lamar Burke would not be putting out a newspaper.
            Vicki began to giggle as she ran to the building, opened the door, looked inside and turned back to the pastor’s wife. “There’s no one here! Come on, I’ll show you the magic.”
            Judy followed Vicki into the building, which was dominated by a printing press, larger than the one at the Herald. Vicki playfully ran toward a table holding flour sacks. “Want to see some magic?” 
            Judy carefully looked the place over as she joined her companion. What would a rancher be doing with such a fine printing press?

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