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Episode Thirteen of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Twelve concluded with:

            Vicki began to giggle as she ran to the building, opened the door, looked inside and turned back to the pastor’s wife. “There’s no one here! Come on, I’ll show you the magic.”
            Judy followed Vicki into the building, which was dominated by a printing press, larger than the one at the Herald. Vicki playfully ran toward a table holding flour sacks. “Want to see some magic?” 
            Judy carefully looked the place over as she joined her companion. What would a rancher be doing with such a fine printing press?

Episode Thirteen

The young girl quickly revealed the answer. Vicki pulled back several empty flour sacks to reveal a table filled with paper money. “This is where the money really came from,” Vicki said. “That stuff about a magic box was just pretend. Like putting a hex on Mr. Ryan.”
            “You didn’t really put a hex on Kyle Ryan?”
            Vicki’s smile brightened even more. She was having fun. “No! We practiced that here at the ranch. Mr. Ryan works here sometimes. It was all make believe.”
            “Did your uncle know about this?”
            “The trick was his idea! He thought it would be fun to play a joke on the whole town.” Vicki’s demeanor did another quick change. Her face contorted. The girl looked like she might start crying again. “But he got mad at me for the magic box trick. I thought it worked just wonderful. Don’t you think it did?”
            Judy Martin’s emotions were in turmoil. She felt a primary obligation to help Vicki. But curiosity drove her to find out more about what was going on at the Burke ranch. “You sure had everyone fooled! Did your uncle know about you visiting this special place?”
            Vicki shook her head.  “He told me to stay away from here. But I snuck in the night before we played the trick and found the money. I put some of it in that old hat box and called it magic. Uncle Lamar was wrong to get mad at me, wasn’t he?”
            “Vicki, I want you to come into town and—”
            “The girl isn’t goin’ anyplace, lady. You ain’t, either.”
            Judy Martin turned to see a large scruffy looking man standing in the doorway. He had a sharp nose, brown teeth, and angry eyes. Judy was frightened and tried to cover it with righteous indignation. “Just who do you think you are to be giving us orders?”
            “His name is Zack Gilpin,” Vicki glared at the newcomer. “And he’s not a nice man!”
            Gilpin laughed loudly as he approached the two women. “The girlie is right. I’m not a nice man.”

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