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Episode Fourteen of The Witch of Cooper, Arizona

Episode Thirteen concluded with:

              “The girl isn’t goin’ anyplace, lady. You ain’t, either.”
            Judy Martin turned to see a large scruffy looking man standing in the doorway. He had a sharp nose, brown teeth, and angry eyes. Judy was frightened and tried to cover it with righteous indignation. “Just who do you think you are to be giving us orders?”
            “His name is Zack Gilpin,” Vicki glared at the newcomer. “And he’s not a nice man!”
            Gilpin laughed loudly as he approached the two women. “The girlie is right. I’m not a nice man.”

Episode Fourteen


            Rance Dehner rode at a brisk pace toward the Burke ranch. David Martin rode on his right and Sheriff Buck Stephens on his left. Stephens was a bit nervous about the task ahead. If Dehner’s hunch proved false, the sheriff could end up looking like a fool.
            “I’m a simple man, Rance,” the lawman couldn’t keep the frustration from his voice. “Tell me again why you think Lamar Burke is involved with making counterfeit money.”
            “Counterfeiting used to be a common crime,” Dehner replied. “Immediately after the war between the states, about half of the currency in circulation in the United States was counterfeit.”
            “That’s no longer the case, I hope,” David Martin was also nervous. His wife could be at the home of a criminal.
            “The government has come down hard on counterfeiters since those days. And, it’s harder to counterfeit money,” Dehner said.
            “So, where does Lamar Burke fit into all of this?” The lawman fussed with the reins of his horse as he spoke.
            “I think Burke is a small man in a large operation. Somehow, a counterfeiting ring found out Lamar Burke was in financial trouble. They use his ranch as a place to make the phony money. His job is to keep the locals away. He probably gets paid well for his troubles.”
            “What Mr. Krammer at the bank told me would back that notion up,” the sheriff said. “Lamar Burke got way behind with the bank, but lately he has caught up. Makes all his payments on time.”
            David Martin looked at the red bulge in the sky. “We’re about fifteen minutes from the ranch, we need to get there as soon--”
            Dehner interrupted him as he looked ahead at the trail. “Gents, I have another idea.”

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