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Episode Thirteen of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Twelve concluded with:

“What’s goin’ on?” Dencel stumbled onto the porch and viewed the newcomers with hostility. “What’s the law doin’ here? I ain’t done nothin’ wrong.”
“I’m sure you haven’t, sir,” Dehner felt sorry for Iola. He had spotted the look of tension and fear on her face when her husband barged out of the house. He could only turn around and glance briefly at Cissy. Her reaction was harder to gauge. “We’re tracking a killer--”
“A killer!” Cissy’s voice was almost a scream.


Episode Thirteen

“Yes ma’am!” The sheriff replied immediately. “Ricky Cates robbed the bank in Grimsby and killed Russ Adams. We’re pretty sure he holed up at the Bolgers’ place.”
“Oh…” Cissy shook her head in a disjointed manner, then noticed the curious looks from the two lawmen. “I mean, that makes sense…that he would hide out at a farm.”
They’re lying, the young woman thought to herself. They’re lying in order to fool people into helping them catch the Robin Hood of the Range.  
“The Bolgers paid a terrible price for hiding an outlaw,” Rance said. “Two lawmen that stopped there were gunned down. Shot in the back. The Bolgers were both killed, as was a man who worked for them.”
Iola placed a hand on her chest. “My Lord! That’s horrible. You and the sheriff find that Ricky Cates, Mr. Dehner, and see that he gets what’s coming to him!”
“We intend to do just that. Thanks--”
Tom Laughton laughed softly. “Looks like you’ve been up and busy doin’ chores this morning, Miss Runyan.
“Ah…” The girl shrugged her shoulders.
The sheriff pointed at Cissy’s head. “You’ve got hay in that pretty red hair of yours, Miss Runyan.”
Cissy hastily ran a hand through her hair, leaving the hay untouched. “That’s not so strange. See, I slept in the barn last night, takin’ care of a sick horse. A pinto we hope to sell this afternoon…”
Dencel shouted angrily at his daughter, as if she had insulted him. “We ain’t got no pintos!”
“Of course not!” Cissy again shrugged her shoulders. “I meant to say a buckskin. I guess sleepin’ in the barn has made me dumber than a mule.”
 “I know a little something about horses, like me to take a look at him?” Dehner asked.
“Obliged, but no…not necessary…he’s just fine!”
“Well, Rance and I better be goin’. The sheriff smiled at the three Runyans. “Thanks for your time.”
As the lawmen rode off, Cissy spoke to her parents. “There’s a few more things that need  tendin’ to in the barn. Only take a few minutes, then I’ll  get helpin’ with breakfast.”
Iola stared at her daughter for a moment before speaking. “Honey, don’tya think it would be better if you had something to eat first?”
“Leave the girl alone!” Dencel shouted at his wife. She’s got work to do at the barn. You get to makin’ breakfast.”
Cissy watched her parents go back into the house, then ran to the barn. She slowed her pace as she got inside and approached the bales of hay. “Mr. Cates…Ricky?” she spoke in a stage whisper. “It’s me, Cissy.”
“You alone?”
“You better not be lyin’.”
“I’d never lie to you, Mr. Cates.” She approached the bales slowly. Peeking over them, she saw the outlaw holding a gun. “You look just like you did the first time I saw you, Ricky Cates.”
“Who were those men?”
“I thought those riders would wake you up.”
“Who were they?”
“The law. Sheriff Laughton from Grimsby and a range detective named Rance. Forgot his last name.”
“What did you tell them?”
The girl had originally planned to tell Ricky about her blunder concerning the pinto.  But there was an undercurrent of anger in his voice and she wanted desperately to stay in his favor. “I told them lawdogs I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of any stranger. You must be somewhere far off. And they believed me. They rode out of here fast, trying to pick up your trail.”
“Good work.”
“Could you put the gun away now, Mr. Cates? I need to change your bandages, and…” 

Dencel Runyan stood with his back to the barn, directly beside the door. He gripped the Henry in his hands as he listened to the conversation taking place inside. All his life, he had been cheated out of what was rightly his. Well, now he was going to get even with everyone. There had to be a reward of some kind out for Ricky Cates, but Dencel hoped for more. He hoped Cates still had the money from the bank holdup.

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