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Episode Fourteen of The Robin Hood of the Range

Episode Thirteen concluded with:

Dencel Runyan stood with his back to the barn, directly beside the door. He gripped the Henry in his hands as he listened to the conversation taking place inside. All his life, he had been cheated out of what was rightly his. Well, now he was going to get even with everyone. There had to be a reward of some kind out for Ricky Cates, but Dencel hoped for more. He hoped Cates still had the money from the bank holdup.

Episode Fourteen

He peered between the double doors and watched as Cissy moved around behind some bales of hay. That must be where Cates was hiding.
The girl looked around, “Where did I put that bucket, I need--”
 Moving faster than at any time in his life, Dencel ran into the barn, toward his target. “Don’t nobody move or I’ll kill you!”  Dencel stopped when he could look down on Ricky Cates. The outlaw had partially yanked his gun from the holster that lay beside him.
“You drop that gun boy, or I’ll take off your head.”
“Obey him, Mr. Cates,” Cissy’s voice was pleading. “He’ll do it. He’ll kill you.”
The look of savagery in Dencel Runyan’s face convinced Cates that Cissy was telling the truth. He tossed his pistol into the hay behind him.
“Now you’re bein’ real smart.” Breathing heavily, Dencel moved behind the bales of hay and picked up the six shooter. “Just so you won’t get no fool ideas.” Dencel gave Ricky a hard kick in the head.
“No, Pa,” Cissy screamed. “He’s already hurt bad.” The girl ran at her father. Dencel slammed his daughter on the side of her head with the pistol. She screamed and dropped to the floor.
“You little tramp!” Dencel yelled down at her. “You spent the night out here in the barn with this no good. I oughta…” Dencel’s eyes hit one of the back stalls. “Well, well, whadda we got here.”
Cradling the Henry with his right arm and carrying Ricky’s six shooter in his left hand, Dencel made his way to the stall at the end of the row, where Sherwood was housed. “So, you was tellin’ some of the truth, anyway. This is a right fine pinto.” He spotted the saddle and saddle bags that rested on the side of the stall.
He dropped both of the weapons to the floor and dug furiously into the saddle bags. What he found there at first sent him into a stunned silence, then he made forth with a primitive shout of joy.
Dencel flung the saddle bags over his shoulder, retrieved the weapons and made his way back to his daughter. Cissy was crouched over Ricky Cates. “Pa, that money is for poor people who--”
Dencel again made a loud, primeval laugh. “Don’t you worry ‘bout that none. This money is gonna make one poor man very happy. Now, you saddle that pinto. I’m gonna pack me up a few things, then ride far away from here. I’ll never have to look at you or your ma again.”
Iola entered the barn and looked about in a confused manner. “I heard so much commotion--”
“You get back to the house, woman. Right now!” The look of savagery returned to Dencel’s face.
His wife took a step forward, looking at her daughter. “Honey are you…”
Dencel pointed the six shooter at his wife. “Get back! Now!”

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